Developer Digital returns with a sequel to highly successful 2013 indie game Hotline Miami titled 'Wrong Number', today a new trailer has been released which showcases gameplay from the presented game along with new features and storyline for the retro-classic 2D shooter.

The first game in the series features you playing as a killer that receives cryptic messages on his answer machine that order him to perform hits on various gangs. The unnamed killer ventures through multiple chapters of killing and blood-lust hidden behind a mask of many to assist in his killings.

The new game is shown to be highly similar just with a few extra graphics, new weapons but with the same old blood and gore gameplay. The game focuses on a group of five called 'The Fans' who believe that the old protagonist was a sort of hero and they strive to assist him in ridding the streets of trash and scum, not much more has been said about the game and has yet to have a confirmed release date but it is certainly one to look for in the near future.

Coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita in Q3 2014