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Horror Game Allison Road Canceled

On June 4, 2016, it was announced that the first-person survival-horror game, Allison Road, was officially canceled. The game was to be a fan-made...
  1. Zelkaar
    Back in 2015, a small indie developer by the name of Lilith Ltd opened up a Kickstarter campaign to fund their new game, Allison Road, and were looking to get 250,000 GBP (about $362,875). They later found themselves a partnership with Team17, better known as the team behind Worms. The game was intended as a fan-made spiritual successor to the canceled Silent Hills game, PT. Many were very hyped for PT, and when it was canceled, some found comfort in Allison Road, hoping it would bring them the thrills and scares that PT no longer could. Sadly, this dream will not come to fruition, because as of June 4, 2016, the project has been officially canceled. Back in 2015, pre-alpha footage was shown, which you can check out below.

    The official Allison Road Twitter account tweeted on June 4 that the project has been canceled, and a statement is on it's way in the next couple of days. Allison Road was intended as a first-person survival-horror game, that would take place over a five day period spent in a haunted house. The story would have followed an unnamed protagonist who is suffering from amnesia as he explores what is presumed to be his home. In the 13 minute long pre-alpha video that was released, it is shown that many things in the house can be interacted with, and the player was even to be able to equip weapons, as he can be seen wielding a cleaver as if it there were monsters planned to be fought at some point. In the end of the video, the protagonist is shown being attacked by the corpse of what is presumed to be the protagonists wife, and once again, we are left with a pulse-pounding cliffhanger as to what will happen next.

    Are you disappointed by this cancellation? Were you looking forward to this game? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Red58
    Man, it looked really good too.
  2. 3xTiNcT
    It's always sad when a game gets cancelled.
  3. Dini
    I was actually looking forward to this too :/
      Zelkaar likes this.
    1. Zelkaar
      Many were, it is truly a shame.
  4. LuXj
    They keep the kickstarter funds?
    1. View previous replies...
    2. ReptilliousMods
      Would seem a bit unfair if this was the case, Anyone could say they are developing a game, Get it funded and cancel it
      LuXj likes this.
    3. Zelkaar
      These people did intend to create the game though, they just didn't need the kickstarter money anymore because they found themselves a publisher.
    4. ReptilliousMods
      If they did not need the money then does that mean the kickstarter people just donated them free money, I would be annoyed if i found out that they never needed my money but have it anyway
  5. SentryOG
    Survival horror died with RE 4 over a decade ago. The "third person shooter" tweaks made the game very successful, but was a death blow to the genre. RE 4 sent horror games, as a whole, in a diluted direction with more emphasis on combat.
    1. Jet1337
      The RE2 remake could bring it back.
      SentryOG and LuXj like this.
  6. Videogamedingus
  7. Jet1337
    Resident Evil wins! RIP Silent Hill!
  8. ReptilliousMods
    First it gets cancelled on kickstarter, And now Team17 Cancel it, I guess this game is just cursed to never be released
  9. X Delta X
    The preview looked pretty promising and I never heard of this game until this article. I really think they should do a game similar to F.E.A.R because that game actually spooked me a little bit.
  10. Lulu
      Red58, Inkd, Zelkaar and 1 other person like this.