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Horde 3.0 Done Right

Gears of War 4 introduced a new Horde mode, which includes many new features such as more customizable defenses, class-based characters, damage...
  1. Flareon

    Do you like fighting wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies? Do you enjoy fortifying and maintaining a main base? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then Gears of War 4’s Horde 3.0 may just be for you. This new Horde mode brings about a number of new features such as character classes, buildable defenses, and damage bonuses in order to help assist you in defending your base. The biggest change, and could be the coolest new addition, is the new Fabricator tool. With this, you are no longer limited to where you can construct your defenses. You’re now able to build your turrets, weapons and defenses anywhere on the map to help you push back the onslaught of enemies. Speaking of enemies, two new types are being introduced: the Swarm, and robotic DeeBees.

    If you don’t like too much change, Horde 3.0 will still have aspects that were in the previous games. You will still be able to have up to 4 other players to help you beat all 50 waves of enemies, with every 10 rounds being a boss wave.


    Similar to Gears of War: Judgement’s Survival and Overrun modes, this new Horde mode will also be class-based. The classes that you can choose from are: Soldier, Sniper, Scout, Heavy and Engineer. For each class, you will have up to 5 skill slots and up to 13 different skills. The Soldier class is the only one that will spawn with frag grenades, but along with that special little ability, they can take cover, do active reloads and use core weapons. Scouts are important for getting energy and collecting double Power while in combat. Snipers are able to do one-shot kills as long as they’re headshots and are best utilized by taking down the bigger enemies. Heavy classes are useful for battle because they can deal massive damage. Lastly, the engineers are great for building and repairing fortifications.

    Are you excited for Horde 3.0? Have you formulated any tips or strategies to better assist you? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. NumberedSalmon
    I hate getting hate mail for carrying 25k in power. When I'm just saving to use my 40% bonus :/
    1. MoMo
      What is the 40%bonus? You talking Scout Deposit bonus or is it a different class you're referring to
    2. MoMo
      If it's what I said above, 40% is still 40% regardless of when you put it in. It's still comes out to the same
    3. NumberedSalmon
      But having to go back and forth from the box is counter productive. I can't stand people who aren't scouts but run for the power like it's just for them.

      I also hate placing a boomshot or dropshot/RL salvo in the weapons locker for it to be stolen by a sniper when I'm using heavy with +80% damage.

      The matchmaking is a joke.
  2. Spyro
    Did you only play one game of horde? Horde 3.0 is majorly jacked
  3. BreakdowN
    Only been able to get to level 40 on normal with my brother because all these other skids back out and cry when they suck peepee. But yes, this new horde is an insane amount of fun. Pretty much been playing since it came out.
  4. Master
    I still haven't picked up this game, but horde mode is one of my favorite parts in games. Halo: ODST is my favorite so far. I wonder how this will compete.
  5. 3xTiNcT
    I like the new horde mode but I hate when people spend all the money on stupid ****.
    1. GH0ST_OP
      Or don't put their points in the fabricator.
  6. MoMo
    I've done 1 through 50 on 7 of the maps. It's certainly still a challenge. Luckily, as a level 6 Scout I am able to utilize 100% extra Shot gun strength and a bigger clip, as well as double the health. They really made Horde a Grind, but it feels fun and it's rewarding to play. Not repetitive yet in my eyes. Very pleased with this Gears. Anyone know when Double Xp is over?
    1. Beardyman
      Double XP ends on Monday.