Today, Crytek UK (the same developer of the popular Crysis franchise) announced that Homefront: The Revolution will be coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 sometime next year. The reason for this is that they were able to acquire the Homefront license from THQ when they closed down and are finally bringing out the sequel you've been waiting for.

In this game, the story is simple. The game is set in the year 2029 (four years after the invasion in the first game) in a fictional North Korean occupation of America. The Korean People's Army (KPA) has taken complete control of America and it's people, setting up base in good ole Philadelphia. You will play as Ethan Brady who is depicted as just a 'regular guy' that is simply trying to take down the KPA by leading the rebellion against them and change things up during the war.

Game designer Fasaha Salim had this to say about the game:
"The city of Philadelphia is an asymmetric battlefield, The KPA have far superior technology and they can take out anyone they want to if you go up against them. The answer is you must use guerilla tactics."

The game itself will be powered by the CryEngine, and anybody that has played Crysis 3 knows that means the visuals should be amazing and breathtaking. Salim also had a few things to say about the engine and how it will be used within the game:
"We're using the power of the CryEngine to create a living, breathing ecosystem," "We've got procedural day-night cycles, dynamic rain and weather effects, we've got a rich, emergent AI system." "This is dynamic, evolving open world where everything that the player does affects the environment around them and the people that inhabit this world."

You can check out the E3 trailer below.

And here are a few more pictures:




My take on the game is that it's a good move by Crytek UK, they are a well known studio and make good quality games with not only breathtaking visuals, but also great gameplay. Without playing the first one, I can't comment on it but with a new one coming out it gives me a reason to revisit the first and get caught up on the story line before playing this one. I strongly believe that visually this will be the first true next gen game in visual quality since it will be powered by the CryEngine and be developed solely for next gen and PC gamers. Gamer's shouldn't worry too much about this game being a dud since Crytek isn't just your average studio and don't make your average game, but we will find out more next year when it releases.

Does anybody get a bit excited like I do after reading this? Do you have faith in Crytek as well? Leave your comments below!