Hitman Season Finale Out Today on PS4

Agent 47 has arrived at a hyper-exclusive hospital in Hokkaido, Japan, for Episode 6, and you can play it today.
  1. Hannes Seifert
    I can’t believe we’re finally here. The season finale to an amazing journey for Hitman, for Io-Interactive, and — I hope — also for all of you.

    Agent 47 has arrived at a hyper-exclusive hospital in Hokkaido, Japan, for Episode 6, and you can play it today. We’ll be watching livestreams, reading forums, and scrolling through reviews of everything that we have released in this season with an incredible feeling of excitement and pride. We took Agent 47 to seven different cities on four continents and truly created a World of Assassination, which has been our ambition right from the start.

    Now we’re finally there. It’s a bit overwhelming when I look back on everything we’ve done to get here.

    For the Season Finale we’re going to take you to Hokkaido, Japan, with a mission called “Situs Inversus.” The term relates to a real-life medical condition where the heart and other organs of the body are on the opposite side to where they should be. Your main target suffers from this condition and has checked into the hyper-exclusive GAMA private hospital for life-saving surgery.

    As Agent 47, you must make sure that doesn’t happen, one way or another — and as always there are many ways! And this target is also going to close the story in a full circle that started back when Agent 47 joined the agency.

    The GAMA hospital is a fusion of Japanese beauty and cutting-edge technology, featuring its own Zen gardens, organic sushi restaurant, and traditional Japanese hot spring — so plenty for Agent 47 to get up to. It’s equally tranquil and clinical and a great environment to create some unique possibilities that you could only find in a Hitman game. Suffice to say, you’ll need your wits about you and also everything you’ve learnt in the previous episodes.​

    From when we first released our beta back in February, through to the release of our Season Finale today, it has been an incredible journey for us and for Agent 47. I want to say a big “thank you” to all you players making this possible. Together we’ve built and run the biggest and most replayable locations of any Hitman game and added new live content every single week since launch. We have continued to improve our Contracts mode and created Escalations in collaboration with you, including Challenges and Challenge Packs based on what you have pulled off, and seen equal measure of joy and heart-pounding tension whenever we feature one-time Elusive Target events.

    It’s been fantastic, and although we have now completed this season, this is only the beginning for our ever-expanding World of Assassination.


    Source: PlayStation Blog

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  1. Razor sean
    To bad I won't be able to touch this game until the physical copy is released next year. Absolute pain in the *** to wait as a result of Square Enix's stupidest and most ridiculous move ever made.
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    2. Razor sean
      You see, not everyone has the storage space left on their hard drive. I had Infinite warfare pre ordered since the day I found out COD 4 would would of remastered (obviously I don't care about infinite Warefare because it was trash from my beta experience) and after this I pretty much have no storage left. I can't upgrade my hard drive either because my PS4 is glitched out so I have free PS+, which will go if I upgrade because my ps4 will be reset. I would have been happy to pay for it, until they recently raised the price for the UK subscribers. I swear some game developers make the most pointless decisions, and only realise after their sales go down hill.
    3. Weeb
      Why didn't you just get a bigger hard drive before you glitched it? If you're on the 500GB one you must've anticipated a situation like this? I agree it was dumb the way they've released this game but we all knew this was what they were doing before it was released.
    4. Razor sean
      Lmao I wish I upgraded my hard drive mate. I want an SSD so badly for the faster loading times etc. But I only got my ps4 early 2015 and I didn't know that my storage was going to fill up this fast. And nah I didn't even know how to glitch out my ps4 or when it was going to happen, it literally just happened after I bought PS+ at some point. And lastly I didn't know they were gonna do this episodic sht before they announced it, I was really looking forward to this game especially when they showcased it at E3. If I end up getting a ps4 pro this year then I'll probably just get it digitally, I know it's a good game for a fact just can't play it yet because of their stupidity.