Brand new Hitman gameplay has been released at EGX 2015. Agent 47 is making a powerful return in the new sandbox-styled game. The world around you is yours to control. Do whatever you want in order to take out your target. This is one of the most creative Hitman games ever made when it comes to what you can do. With endless ways to approach and kill your target, players are sure to have countless hours of fun with the upcoming Hitman game.

The gameplay begins at a fashion show at a palace in Paris. Agent 47's mission is to take out 2 targets, the primary target being Viktor Novikov, the owner of the fashion brand that's hosting the show. The secondary target is Dahlia Margolis, a woman who shares some history with the first target. Right away, you can see how NPCs react to your actions. Walking in-between a news reporter and a cameraman causes negative reactions from them. A brief flyby of the map showcases many different entry points and places you'll be able to hide. Interaction with the environment has massively increased from the previous games in the series. This version of Hitman will come with many more interactive "death traps."

Gas canisters and chandeliers are an assassin's best friend. The environment will be yours to control. Messing around with a gas heater will lead to explosive results if any nearby NPCs light a cigarette. Players will be able to utilize different poisons to incapacitate or neutralize their target. There will be three different poisons in the game, the first one will kill anyone who ingests it. The second one will put your target to sleep. The last one will force your target to lose control of their bowels, forcing them to take a long trip to the bathroom. You could apply these poisons to foods, drinks, or whatever other options will be available in the final game.

Every NPC in Hitman will serve a purpose. NPCs will never sit in the same position during the game. Some NPCs can actually benefit you. Considering the high end fashion show will have tight security, walking through the front door may lead to a pat down. However, you'll be able to stash your weaponry in the boxes the tech crew will transport into the building. Once you collect them when they arrive inside, you'll be armed and ready for action. Another mechanic showcased in the level, was a small house on the outside of the show called a "stash point." If there are any items in your inventory you'd like to hide, you can do so there. For example, if you need to make your way through a security checkpoint, a gun is the last thing you want to be carrying. You can also smuggle bombs into the fashion show. Place a remote explosive behind a security guard on the outside of the building, then toss a coin in his direction to attract his attention. He's notice the bomb and defuse it, then carry it to safe room inside of the building. You'll be able to collect it and arm it again. The possibilities with what you can do in the game are nearly limitless.

The only three things you need to know about Hitman is how you're going to approach your target, how you're going to take them out, and how you're going to escape. There will be many ways you can do each of these. You can use the helicopter Viktor flew in on to escape, or, if you can find the owner of the speedboat parked outside, you can take their keys and their boat. In the water outside of the event is a barge which contains dozens of fireworks. These will be used to signal the end of the fashion show and to end things with a bang. If you can find the technician who holds the trigger to these fireworks, you'll be able to set them off early. Everyone will rush outside to watch the spectacular show, most likely leaving your targets all alone for you to take out. Another key point to Hitman are vantage points. You climb a crane to get a good spot for your trusty sniper rifle, or, you climb a drain pipe to get an aerial view from a ledge. Making your way up the side of a building will always lead you to open windows you can make your way into. With all of these new ways to eliminate your target, what will you do?

Hitman releases March 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.