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Hitman August Content Update Out Soon, Here's What's New

Hitman's August update will start rolling out soon, and while there's no Elusive Target this month (the game's final Season One target was...
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    Hitman's August update will start rolling out soon, and while there's no Elusive Target this month (the game's final Season One target was available last month), there is a bunch of new content to keep eager assassins happy.

    On August 11, 10 new player-created Featured Contracts will hit the game. IO Interactive says it's picked the contracts based on "variety of locations, varying numbers of targets, inventive storytelling, and anything else that we think is interesting."

    August 11 is also when the new Challenge Pack will roll out. Called The Art of Revenge, it adds five new challenges to the Hokkaido map. The location mastery you get from completing the challenges is higher than regular challenges, and you'll have to beat them all to get the unique item. The developer is promising to reveal what that item is next week, adding "revenge is never a straight line."


    There's more new content on the way later in the month. For the first time, a Hitman player is curating a collection of new Featured Contracts. This month's will be picked by Brazilian Twitch streamer Mendietinha, and IO Interactive says the picks will "give insight into how some of the prominent members of the Hitman community play the game." There's no exact release date on this second batch of Feature Contracts yet.

    Hitman received a substantial game update in July, and the developer says that was the last major patch for a while. On its website, IO Interactive says September's new content release will be similar to August's, but big stuff is on the way for the game after that. "That relative calm will give us time to prepare for some exciting announcements," the studio said.

    Hitman's future was called into question earlier this year when it was announced Square Enix intended to sell off IO Interactive, and layoffs at the studio followed soon after. In June, the developer announced a sale was complete, and IO Interactive was now fully independent and officially the owner of the Hitman series. The studio then announced players could play a chunk of the game for free.

    Source: GameSpot

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