On Twitter, Io-Interactive posted a reveal trailer for Hitman 2’s Halloween event, which starts Oct. 22. The trailer isn’t exactly clear on what the event entails, but it is terrifying.

The trailer shows Hitman 2’s opening mission, set in a fancy house on an isolated beach. Instead of Agent 47, players take control of a figure with a jack-o’-lantern for a head, dressed completely in black. It seems the player’s goal is to murder the man in the house and then ... drag him to a ritual site.

There are all kinds of spooky Halloween imagery in the trailer, including dead trees, tombstones, summoning circles, crows, skeletons, and a pit of bones. It’s genuinely a very spooky trailer, so watch at your own risk.

In terms of access, the Halloween event is free for all players who download Hitman 2’s free starter pack. The mission may appear on a familiar map, but it’s a unique, permanent mission for all players. And for those looking to spice up their Hitman missions with some gruesome cheer, players can unlock a tactical wetsuit for Agent 47 and a Batarang bat shuriken for everyday use.

Hitman 2’s new Halloween haunt starts Oct. 22, is available for all players, and lasts forever — just like your pumpkin man nightmares.

Source: Polygon