A large number of users have been experiencing lag while playing Blizzard's hit first-person shooter, Overwatch. To try and combat the issues, a new update has gone live which is designed to fix the problem for players with slower connections.

Due to the way the servers work, it would try and create a party out of everyone playing the game. Unfortunately, this would cause issues within the game for the people with slower Internet connections. After this update, the game should be much smoother for everyone.

Lead engineer Tim Ford and senior engineer Philip Orwig posted a video explaining what this update means for the game and for the players:

The goal is to adjust the game for players with slower connections to keep their matches smooth and reliable. The heroes will now be rendered more accurately in their respective locations, meaning the client should experience much less lag.

"Ultimately the thing you need to keep in mind is that, if your connection isn't keeping up, don't worry about it, we'll downgrade you appropriately[...] Everything is going to work out perfectly fine on that front."
The new update isn't just set to improve the experience for weaker connections, it's also implemented changes to enhance the gameplay for all players. Taking notes from the competitive community, they've increased the game's 'tick rate'. This is basically how many actions are communicated to the server per second. They've increased the rate from 21hz up to 63hz, meaning gamers should experience a far smoother experience.

As of now, the changes to how the different bandwidths are handled only affect the PC version of the game. Blizzard is still working on a way to implement these changes on the PS4 and Xbox One.

So, whether you're a competitive gamer or someone struggling to play the game without lagging, this update has got everything covered. It seems Blizzard has listened to the community and responded to their requests, which you don't see too often nowadays. Have you noticed a change in gameplay since the update? Let us know in the comments.

Sources: Gamespot & PCGamer