With Alpha Sapphire and Ruby Omega Coming out soon, a Pokemon Remake of the classic Sapphire and Ruby that we all grew up with and loved, comes new leaks. Such leaks such as personal secret bases that players around the world can interact with (with your permission, of course). Having secret bases gives ideas for special games, and what do you know, there is a secret game! Visiting other peoples bases that isn't in your own group has flags beside computers, which can be stolen and returned to your base for special abilities. The more you get, the better the abilities!

The new secret base feature allows players to customize their own base with traps and mazes for other players to have fun and discover, they can even set their own Pokemon rules essentially creating their own gym! Some rules that they can change are what types of pokemons can be used in battle, and even how many pokemon in a battle! Some of the mazes can look a little like this:


As you can see from the picture on the right, you can customize the base to have mazes that make it hard to get to your computer. The flag to the right in this picture is green. I'm not sure what level that is, but it is a good way for you to be proud of your base and your team. The better the mazes and puzzles, the harder it is for others to steal your flag making your base that much better!

There are many benefits to this besides being able to show off your creativity, and some of these include making pokemon hatch faster, leveling up pokemon, decoration, and even special skills! To achieve these, you have to have "Secret Pals". The more secret pals you have, the better these benefits become. To acquire more secret pals, you have to visit other players bases through the multitude of ways, and invite them back to your own as secret pals. These ways are through the SecretPass functionality, or a unique QR code. After you do this, you will gain access to these special benefits and they will grow the more you gain.

In each secret base, there is a hidden computer somewhere that includes a "flag". The use of this flag is for other players to sneak through all the traps and mazes to reach the flag and return it to their own base, with rewards them by increasing their secret pals special abilities, making the whole thing beneficial to all involved. The more flags that you capture, the higher your teams level goes. The unique thing about this is that the more flags you and your pals capture, the higher your level goes and your flag colour changes. Having colour coded flags for higher level groups can be helpful to show you the level of groups you are stealing from, and it also indicates to others your own level! This makes it a very competitive game and is a good way to show off your skills. The rules set in place to stop people from farming these flags is that everyone if your group can only capture 1 flag a day. This means that the bigger your group, the more benefits you gain, and the faster you get them.

A little bit about release dates:
Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire were released originally in Japan in the year 2002 for gameboy Advanced. The following year, it became available in english in North America. The newer version Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Pokemon Omega Ruby will be coming out in the fall this year, more specifically November 21. Unfortunately for Europeans, it will be released a week later at 28th of November.

Thoughts and opinions:
I think that it would be extremely beneficial if se7ensins could have it's own little "secret pals" network which would give us all these benefits. I personally like the idea of having secret pals that give you benefits because it helps people get connected with others around the world. I especially like the idea of having a colour coded flag that corresponds to your level because it's a good way to show your skills. You can be very proud of your flag, or you can want to get more flags to increase it.