While we get closer and closer to the remake of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, we begin to see more interesting details and information of the game that are leaked. I will be following these updates and keep you all informed with the newest and coolest things in the game which some may never get to see. With all these new leaks will come new homepage articles about them informing you all. I hope this will keep you up to date on all the new good news.

What I have for you is nothing short of awesome! Some older Pokemon fans will know what I'm talking about when I say this. There used to be a mini game called "Pokemon-Anime" back in the Pokemon X and Y days. There was information and pictures in a magazine called "CoroCoro" that had to do with what appeared to be Pokemon wearing clothing, just like the old Pokemon anime! It was scanned and released for all to see. The pictures in the magazine included Pikachu in - you guessed it - clothing! Just like in X and Y, people believe that you will now be able to dress your Pokemon!

Now, don't get too bummed about this little update, as it stems a lot deeper than just clothing. In pokemon X and Y, when you played the mini game Pokemon-Anime, you were able to feed, pet, and play with your Pokemon. In addition to giving you some enjoyment and connecting with your Pokemon a little bit better, they also connected with you in the process! Playing with and feeding your Pokemon would increase their affection towards you, which comes with some hidden benefits. These benefits include bonuses such as landing critical hits more often, and even unique dialogs to replace the boring monotone ones that it comes stock with.

It is also said that you are able to use these poke clothes during in-game Pokemon contests. Pokemon contests are events that are held where pokemon can compete in 5 different categories: Coolness, beauty (this is where clothes are said to come in), cuteness, smartness, and toughness. This means that rather than just doing the boring old battles with other trainers, there are other ways to level up your Pokemon! This makes it so that there's a multitude of ways to train rather than biking through the grass looking for Pokemon to train on.

Did you ever get bored of the same animations of your Pokemon entering battle and such? Well, having a higher affection affects that, too! In Pokemon X and Y, they either shake twice, jump twice, or look right. Even after catching a Pokemon, if your affection level is high enough, you are able to pet them for winning!

If this is true, that means that there have been features from 2 sets of different Pokemon games. This leads me to believe that maybe they're looking through other Pokemon games and using many different features from many varieties of Pokemon to make a "super Pokemon" in a sense.

The pictures from the catalog are in this spoiler: