Heroes of the Storm's annual Winter Veil event returns soon, and it has a particularly good reward in store for anyone willing to put some time in with the game.

Winter Veil kicks off on December 14 and runs through January 4. By playing 25 games during that span--not counting Heroes Brawls--you'll receive two rewards. One is a snowflake portrait, while the other is the excellent Festive Treasure Goblin mount (seen in the gif below). This was available to all players during last year's event but was only usable during Winter Veil. This time around, you'll need to earn it, and doing so will mean it's yours to keep forever.

As an added incentive, all games played during the event will reward 25 percent bonus XP. There will also be a "frosty" Brawl mode available, the details of which haven't been shared.

Additionally, new items will be available on the shop for a limited time. You can see the full list below. All of these were first revealed in a video released back in November. There are some excellent new skins, including Gingerdread Nazeebo. This has themed abilities, including one that turns the zombies from his Zombie Wall ability into creepy-looking little gingerbread men.

Winter Veil 2016 Bundle:

  • Special Snowflake Mount
  • Lunara
  • Winter Veil Lunara Skin
  • Nazeebo
  • Gingerdread Nazeebo Skin

Winter Veil Classic Bundle:

  • Stitches
  • Greatfather Winter Stitches Skin
  • Sylvanas
  • Sugar Plum Sylvanas Skin
  • Jaina
  • Winter Veil Jaina Skin
  • Rehgar
  • Great-father Winter Rehgar Skin
  • Reign-Deer Mount

Source: GameSpot