Heroes of the Storm is all about pitting Blizzard’s iconic characters against each other in a variety of arenas, which is great, but what if instead of heroes you were just playing with some sweet action figures? This is the question that Blizzard poses with its latest event, which is set to run from Dec. 11 through to Jan. 7. After assuming the form of Mexican wrestlers, Azeroth heroes, and cursed goth knights, we’re now seeing heroes adopt the role of sweet, fully posable action figures and stuffed animals.

World of Warcraft’s Stitches turns from a mighty undead aberration into Cuddle Bear Stitches, and honestly, this is the first skin that makes me want to play the tank. StarCraft’s primal Zerg pack leader Dehaka becomes Dehakasaurus Rex, a plastic dino from the primal kingdom, and Cosmic Force Valeera is a fun nod to ’80s cartoon action figures. Players can also unlock some cosmic lion mounts, or if they have extreme taste and sophistication, a legendary stuffed unicorn mount.

The winter event is also going to come with a line of cosmetics, sprays, banners, and animated emojis to use in chat. “The Kid,” the trailer’s narrator, will also be available as an in-game announcer. Players will get to play a game with the kid by completing in-game quests and advancing through a board game to unlock seasonal rewards.

Source: Polygon