Grand Theft Auto V's latest multiplayer update is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and, as usual, it adds a new car and multiplayer mode. In addition, there are some sales on in-game items and new bonuses.

This week's featured vehicle is the Grotti GT500, a sleek sports car that has a bit of a classic, muscle-car look to it. "Contemplate how stunningly attractive this car makes you look," its promo poster declares.

The new multiplayer mode, meanwhile, is an Adversary mode called Air Quota. Up to four teams and 16 players face off and transform through a series of aircraft, from helicopters to jets to jetpacks. Air Quota awards Double GTA$ and RP from now until January 22.

There's a handful of good discounts on in-game upgrades and items, too. This week features sales on Facility upgrades, including styles, graphics, and a security room upgrade (all 25% off). The Buckingham Pyro and HVY Nightshark vehicles are also 25% off.

Finally, this week's Premium Stunt Race is Plummet, which is locked to Supers. The featured Time Trial is Tongva Valley. As always, the top three finishers in the Stunt Race will get extra GTA$ while everyone will earn Triple RP. If you beat the par time in the Time Trial, you'll get bonus GTA$ and RP.

Source: GameSpot