Rockstar has revealed the newest batch of content coming to Grand Theft Auto V this week. Along with a brand-new vehicle to purchase, GTA Online players will find a slate of Halloween-themed discounts and bonuses.

The new ride you can add to your collection this week is the Western Seabreeze, a stylish and colorful plane that can land on a runway or on water. You can purchase one from Elitas Travel, and its many customization options allow you to outfit it with weapons like a machine gun and bomb bay.


Rockstar is also still offering double GTA$ and RP for playing Condemned, the new Adversary mode introduced in last week's update. Players have until November 6 to take advantage of these bonuses. A Halloween Playlist is also available until then and includes the following modes, though you'll only be able to earn double GTA$ and RP for playing them today, October 31:
  • Lost vs. Damned
  • Slasher
  • Beast vs. Slasher
  • Come Out to Play
  • Transform - Inferno Race
There are also a number of Halloween-themed items on sale in GTA Online for a limited time. Players can get 25% off of the FränkenStange, Lurcher, LCC Sanctus, and Duke O'Death until November 6.

Outside of the Halloween bonuses and discounts, Rockstar is also offering double GTA$ and RP for Smuggler's Sell Missions and the Stockpile Adversary Mode, as well as a double GTA$ salary for Bodyguards and Associates until November 6. Players also have until then to get 25% off of the following items:
  • Western Company Besra (Jet)
  • Nagasaki Blazer Aqua (Special Vehicle) -- both Buy it Now and Trade Price
  • Hangar Custom Shop Add-On
  • Progen GP1 (Super)
  • Grotti Cheetah Classic (Sports Classic)
  • HVY Insurgent (Off-Road) -- both Buy it Now and Trade Price
  • Lampadati Toro (Boat)
  • All Melee Weapons
Finally, this week's premium race is Drop Ship, which is locked to the Ruiner 2000. Everyone who participates will receive triple RP, while the top three players will be rewarded with a hefty GTA$ payout. The time trial this week is Observatory. Players who manage to beat the target time will earn a big GTA$ and RP reward.

Source: GameSpot