The full list of changes and additions introduced as part of Final Fantasy XV's day one patch have been revealed. Details on what Square Enix is calling the 'Crown Update' was published on game's official website and has been translated by Nova Crystallis.

The update includes new abilities such as the "Shift (Warp) Drop Kick" and "Shift (Warp) Magic," which were inspired by the previously released Omen trailer.

There's also a range of battle screen effects that have been introduced so players better read the health of their characters. Take a look at the full patch notes below.

  • Added actions inspired by the “Omen” trailer produced by Digic Pictures to the game:
    – "Shift (Warp) Drop Kick"--When daggers are equipped
    – "Backward Shift (Warp) Magic"--Elemental Magic Activation within a short distance
  • Below are examples of Wait Mode-exclusive abilities added to Ability Call to improve the Wait Mode experience:
    – Libra Speed Increase--By using Libra you can obtain information more quickly
    – Wait Gauge Recovery--The Wait Gauge will recover upon defeating an enemy
    – Surprise Attack Shift Break--When Shift Breaking to an enemy that isn’t targeting you it’s easy to destroy the targeted part
    – Final Blow Shift Break--When Shift Breaking to an enemy with less than half HP, the damage multiplier will increase
  • Additional battle screen effects added to make it easier for players to understand their HP status:
    – When HP is less than 25%, the whole screen will be covered by a light red filter
    – When in a pinch, the whole screen will be covered by a dark red filter
    – The Enemy Whistle will be available to use after downloading the patch. You can call monsters but they won't always appear
    – Movement taken at the time of a MP Burst is cancelled. Trying to shift in MP Burst will cause movements to fail
  • You can now shift forward in the field outside of battle
  • Music Player item has been added so that you can listen to your favorite songs while walking
  • A gallery has been added to the main menu where you can see the dishes acquired by Ignis and the fish caught by Noctis
  • Opening the menu during auto-drive will not halt driving
  • Regalia Shop added that lets you shop while riding in the Regalia
  • Event scenes from Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and the "Omen" trailer were added as they exceeded the disc space capacity
Additional Improvements
  • Various bug fixes
  • Adjustments to gameplay comfort:
    – Camera adjusted in narrow areas
    – Menu use improved
    – Addition of other functions to enhance convenience
  • Adjustments to improve the main scenario experience:
    – Changes to towns were made to fit the scenario
    – Changes to the open world were made to fit the scenario
  • Side-quests have been balanced, dish types added, added fish types and fishing locations.
  • Leviathan boss encounter and battle experience further improved

After years of development and multiple delays, Final Fantasy XV finally comes out on November 29th. Will you be purchasing the game when it's released, tomorrow?

Source: GameSpot