Hard West: The Next Hatred?

Gambitious, a small-time development studio, announced their supernatural Wild West themed video game earlier this month, and after watching the...
  1. Inkd
    I'm sure most of us are familiar with the extremely controversial isometric third-person shooter video game, Hatred. If you do not remember, let me try to jog your memory. It was originally announced in October 2014 and was immediately criticized for the massive amount of blood and gore that it contained. It was so bad, that it was actually removed, and later re-uploaded from Steam itself. Seriously, the entire purpose of the game is to kill civilians and blow up stuff, that's it. If you're interested in learning more about Hatred, check out my review here. Anyhow, the game received a massive amount of attention from the media, and a new game, Hard West, just may be following the developer's tactics.

    Gambitious, a small-time development studio, announced their supernatural Wild West-themed video game earlier this month, saying that the title would be available on November 4th. However, the game has apparently been delayed until further notice. Although, even though the game was delayed, the developers decided to release a new teaser trailer, which automatically caught my attention.

    We don't know much about this game yet, however, after watching the trailer, it instantly reminded me of a Hatred-style game which isn't necessarily a good thing. When I play video games, I look for more than just blood and guts, and after watching gameplay, that seems to be what this game primarily focuses on. It resembles Hatred in several ways, from the audio to the field of view, to the general concept. The list goes on and on. I provided the trailer above, what do you think? Do you see similarities?

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  1. AcidDreams
    Did you even gather any info about this game at all before you wrote this article lol? there is a gameplay already could've watched it before writing this non sense.
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    2. Inkd
      Obviously, this was an opinion-filled article. If the writers didn't want it on the Homepage, then it wouldn't have been promoted. I expressed my opinions about the title, and that is all. Instead of arguing in the comments, I will be glad to bring it up to the writers.
    3. Feyfolken
      Having promoted this myself, I'll chime in here. The reason Inkd involved himself and his opinions so heavily in this article is because of his own experience playing Hatred. I'd never heard of Hard West so it was informative to read about a game when it was compared to one I did know of. If you want so badly to see an article about gameplay for Hatred, write it yourself instead of criticizing a piece that is totally different.
    4. Arxhive
      Vote Inkd for most unbiased writer of 2015.