Going out to the bar to hang out with friends and play games is something a lot of people are familiar with and enjoy. Now, there is a virtual reality version of that experience coming to PlayStation VR.

Announced today is a game called SportsBarVR. Developed by Cherry Pop Games (Pool Nation VR) and Perilous Orbit, the game lets up to six people virtually hang out in a sports bar and play pub games. At launch, there will be seven games available, including pool, darts, air hockey, skeeball, shuffleboard, chess, and checkers. More will come after launch, the developer said in a PlayStation Blog post.

You can also apparently enjoy some virtual booze, though it's not clear if how much you imbibe affects your play. Also, you can take part in an impromptu baseball game, as you can swing your pool cue at bottles, shattering them on the floor. Watch the trailer above to see this and more in action.

"One thing we keep finding again and again is how entirely wonderful it is just to be able to hang out in a virtual bar doing 'real things,'" creative director Matthew Kaplan said. "And since the virtual drinks are free and the janitor seems to not mind cleaning up countless shards of broken glass, it's all good fun."

Players are represented in the virtual sports bar as floating helmets with the PlayStation VR headset where their face would be. You can also wear a beer hat or a viking helmet, because why not.

SportsBarVR will be released on October 13 as a PlayStation VR launch title. Pricing was not announced.

Source: GameSpot