Over the past week I have had the pleasure of testing out the latest device from ConsoleTuner, the TitanOne. Designed to allow cross compatibility between controllers on different systems as well as being able to have a modded controller without having to hard mod it is an appealing concept. With what little time I have had it, I have been able to test it on multiple consoles with various controllers and have been quite satisfied with what I have experienced.

The package came with the TitanOne, USB cable, and an instruction pamphlet that briefly tells you what was needed and where to go for more information. I first tested the device on my Xbox 360 but didn’t find out until some fiddling that a wired 360 controller was needed to synchronize any other controller to it. Though this was in the manual and on site, it wasn’t clearly labeled except for on one of the pictures demonstrating its use. Despite that, I had my PS3 controller up and running on my 360 with no problems. The process of getting another controller to work was rather easy. By plugging the TitanOne into your console you had to first plug in the consoles controller, unplug it, then insert the controller of your choosing. This process is repeated every time you turn off the console or desynchronize with the device.

Next I began testing out the mods that you can download from the website. In order to use the mods you must first download an application called Gtuner that will allow you to download mods directly from the site. After the code file is downloaded it’s a simple click and drag to place it in the TitanOne mod slots then press sync to install the mods. Once the controller was ready I began my button mashing till I figured out the proper sequence and the corresponding light sequence. The mods were working smoothly but after trying to do a few games with them I began to turn them off as they kept getting in the way with how I play. The rapid fire mode worked great for semi-automatic weapons in both Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and Destiny but I was having trouble with the fast reload mod. It kept glithching out on me when doing it making it stop halfway with the same amount of bullets in the chamber.

As I don’t own a next gen console, Selena Gomez helped me out by testing out his keyboard on the Xbox One. In order for him to download any plugins to make his keyboard and mouse compatible, he had to first turn off his antivirus protection. Though it did happen to him, I cannot confirm that this is necessary for him as I did not use the keyboard/mouse setup. The keyboard itself was easy to setup but the mouse was a little tricky as you need to adjust the sensitivity manually to get it to where you wanted it. After it was adjusted properly, he then proceeded to test it out on the Halo: The Master Chief Collection and instantly felt as if he were playing on his PC. During his game he noticed that the aim assist was taking an effect on his mouse which is not present on PC. Quickly adjusting to the aim assist he was able to complete the game, enjoying that he could now have his Kb/M setup on his console. One problem though is that you will have to adjust the sensitivity settings each time you put in a different game.

I have been mainly using the TitanOne on my PC so that I may use my DualShock3 controller to play games. As I am originally a console gamer, I find the controller more suiting than a keyboard and mouse setup. Playing mostly Far Cry 4, I have been enjoying my experience so far. The only thing about using a gamepad on PC is that in this case there isn’t a button on the controller that lets me access the map or skills menu. For that I have to use the keyboard, but that is not much of a problem.

My overall experience with the TitanOne is that it worked as well as it was described for every console. Gameplay was smooth with no latency between the controller and system allowing me to do everything I wanted. Easy to setup then just plug it in and play. If you are interested in using a controller on a different system or using your keyboard and mouse on your console then this is definitely something you should look into getting. $60 is a reasonable price compared to similar devices plus you get the added benefit of being able to soft mod it with up to nine different mod packs for different games.

Mods in Action

Thanks for the help with this review Selena Gomez.