Halo Wars 2 New DLC and Patch

Exactly a month after its February 21 launch, Halo Wars 2 has received its first add-on content. The Kinsano pack adds a new leader and a bunch of...
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    Exactly a month after its February 21 launch, Halo Wars 2 has received its first add-on content. The Kinsano pack adds a new leader and a bunch of new units, while a new patch released today brings a whole load of bug fixes and overall improvements.

    Lt. Colonel Morgan Kinsano is the first of many new leaders to be added in the months after Halo Wars 2's launch--more will drop every month, says developer 343 Industries. The Lt. Colonel's abilities include Helldrop, which brings in friendly reinforcements from the sky; Hellcharge, which buffs friendly units' speed and damage stats; and Inferno, a huge blast of fire that's expensive to use but lethal to everything in its area of effect.

    Kinsano pilots a personalized Flame Cyclops, whose dual flamethrowers make it deadly at close range. Accompanying units--the Flame Warthog, Veteran Flame Hog, and Veteran Hellbringers--continue the fire theme and are particularly suited to short-range combat against enemy infantry.

    The DLC, which is out now, costs US $5.99 / £4.79 / AU $9.95, and it's included in the season pass.

    Halo Wars 2 was also updated for all players today, and the patch mostly fixes bugs and brings minor performance enhancements--check out all the details below.

    Halo Wars 2 March Patch Notes

    Crashes / Errors / Performance

    • Fixed a crash that occurred in Skirmish against AI opponents
    • Fixed some error handling with Xbox live service messages
    • Fixed a crash that can occur in a LASO play through
    • Fixed a hardlock that could occur when loading into "Lights Out"
    • Fixed a desync that could be hit in Firefight
    • Fixed a crash that could occur while watching the prologue cinematic
    • Fixed a crash that could occur while a user signs out while loading into a certain game mode
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when transporting newly deployed units
    • Fixed an Windows 10-specific issue with the game hanging sometimes when restarting a mission
    • Fixed some suspend/idle issues that caused infinite loads
    • Fixed some Intel Iris Graphics 520 issues that could cause a crash
    • Improved performance when running on various Intel integrated GPUs
    • Fixed some improper localization strings in controller layout while playing the Basic Tutorial
    • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when a Wolverine is destroyed by a Lightbridge toggling off while it was on it
    • Improved stability by fixing a large variety of one-off crashes
    • Fixed some performance hitches in Campaign that were caused by scripted events triggering

    • Fixed an issue where players were sometimes able to quickly assign one Leader Power point to two different Leader Powers
    • AI now garrisons a bit more often in Legendary when low on health
    • Nightingale Smoke bombs now stop Turrets shooting outside of the smoke, identical to how units behave
    • Damage against Bases show as soon as it happens
    • Fixed an issue with Hornets sometimes not responding to Banished unit attacks
    • Fixed an issue with pressing the 'Q' key twice did not select all units, if there were no units on the screen
    • Fixed an issue with Challenges sometimes not progressing in Solo/Team War or Team Objective Playlists
    • Fixed Shift-Right-clicking to set multiple waypoints not working in some cases
    • Fixed an issue with AI ignoring Sentinel recaptured Control Points
    • Fixed some units getting stuck on the campaign mission The Halo
    • Fixed a bug where the enemy AI retreats too often on Normal
    • Fixed an issue where the AI would sometimes kill its own units by toggling a Lightbridge
    • Fixed an issue with units doing no damage in a specific scenario
    • Fixed an issue with Departures video being unlocked after completing The Halo
    • Fixed a bug with Just the Facts and The Full Story achievements not triggering properly
    • Fixed an issue where players would get their Favorite Leader instead of the one picked
    • Various unit animation fixes
    • Added three new achievements unique to the upcoming Kinsano leader DLC

    • Fixed some text truncation that could occur in some Campaign missions
    • Fixed some text in a few Phoenix logs
    • Fixed some UI callouts for failed objectives in a previously played mission showing in a different mission

    • Fixed some cases of audio corruption when multiple sound effects were played at the same time
    • Fixed an issue with vehicle engine audio stuttering when on the edge of battle
    • Fixed an issue with clipping/corruption occurring in higher waves of Blitz Firefight
    Design & Balance Changes

    Note: Balance changes affect units in standard and Blitz multiplayer modes unless otherwise noted.

    For Halo Wars 2 game designer notes and context surrounding these changes, please check out the March 16 Community Update blog.

    Leader Powers
    • Shipmaster's Scout mines cannot be dropped on buildings anymore
    • The Banished Cleansing Beam speed slightly reduced
    • ODSTs cost increased from 600 to 800, HP slightly decreased
    • Adjusted the Supply income curve to give less of a bonus income on the first few Supply Pads/Warehouses, but less limiting as player’s build additional pads.
    • Sgt. Forge: Removed the discount on Supply Pads and Reactors in the Rolling Economy leader power
    • Sgt. Forge: Accelerated Assembly and Lotus mines swapped places

    Jump Pack Brutes
    • Increased HP
    • Incased basic DPS
    • Slight increase to move speed
    • Significant increase to HP
    • Significant increase to fire damage dealt to basic infantry units
    • Move speed slightly increased
    • Cost reduced from 80/50 to 80/40
    • Reduced pre-attack and post-attack cooldown to improve responsiveness
    Suicide Grunts (NOT Blitz Suicide Grunts)
    • Increased HP
    • Base damage decreased
    • Base AOE range increased
    • Move speed slightly increased
    • Charge distance increased
    • Charge speed decreased
    • Cost reduced from 100/25 to 100/20
    Elite Rangers
    • Significantly increased HP
    • Armor type changed to be more resistant to small arms fire from Marine & Grunt squads
    • Cost reworked from 80/110 to 125/90
    • DPS increased
    • Cost reduced from 220/15 to 200/12
    • Cost reduced from 265/20 to 230/15
    • Cost reduced from 280/20 to 245/15
    • Cost reduced from 150/200 to 160/160
    • DPS reduced
    • Cost reduced from 120/150 to 120/120
    • DPS reduced
    • HP significantly increased
    • Shields significantly increased
    • Build time reduced
    • Cost changed from 550/40 to 525/70
    • Plasma Cannon DPS increased
    • Plasma Mortar DPS increased
    • Plasma Mortar Fire rate increased
    • Y ability initial damage increased significantly
    • Incoming healing reduced
    • HP increased
    • Cost changed from 650/50 to 600/90
    • Machinegun DPS increased
    • Cannon DPS increased
    • Cannon AOE size decreased
    • Canister shell DPS increased
    • Canister shell AOE size increased
    • Incoming healing reduced
    • HP increased
    • Machinegun DPS increased
    • Missile pod DPS increased
    • Cannon DPS increased
    • Missile Barrage ability damage increased
    • Grunt squad build time reduced
    • Overall DPS increased for basic and mine-upgrade squads
    • Overall DPS increased for pack brother upgrade squads
    • Grenade DPS decreased significantly
    • Grenade large AOE size reduced
    Anders’ Sentinels
    • Move speed decreased
    • No longer has a huge damage bonus vs. buildings
    • General DPS decreased
    • Lockdown Bolt damage decreased significantly
    • Banshee Plasma Torpedo damage reduced
    • Basic DPS slightly reduced
    • Line of sight range reduced
    • Weapon range reduced
    Base Turrets
    • UNSC and Banished upgraded turrets DPS increased
    • Banished turrets HP increased
    • UNSC turrets build time reduced
    • Banished turret build time reduced
    • UNSC and Banished HQ HP increased to a constant, high HP amount across all tech tiers

    Source: GameSpot

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