Halo Wars 2 Coming in 2016

Halo is one of the most well known franchises out there. Nearly every Halo title was adored by fans. The major exception to this was Halo Wars,...
  1. Monopolyman

    Halo is one of the most well known franchises out there. Nearly every Halo title was adored by fans and received high marks from reviewers. The major exception to this was Halo Wars, which never got the same amount of fame other Halo titles get. Despite this, Microsoft wants to take another swing at turning the Halo universe into a strategy game with Halo Wars 2. ​

    Halo Wars 2 is being developed by 343 Industries with the help of Creative Assembly. Creative Assembly has worked on popular RTS games, such as Total War, so it’s likely Halo Wars 2 will be a well-crafted strategy game. This is just speculation though, and the only things we know for sure is that it will have a story-driven single player experience and a multiplayer mode. Unfortunately, we don’t know when or where the game will be taking place within the Halo universe.

    Halo Wars 2 is planned to release on Xbox One and Windows 10 in Fall 2016.

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  1. ohGrid
    I was never really a big fan of Halo Wars, it was really hard to get into but on the other hand i have a lot of friends that say Halo Wars is their favorite one by far?
  2. Ms Skizzy
  3. Gardzz
    Wow! I loved the first one. Hopefully it can match it!
  4. Mister Whiskers
    Didn't see this coming but I did enjoy the first one so I can't imagine this one being too bad after seeing what creative assembly and 343i is capable of I bet this will be a great game.
  5. SharpGhost
    I'm happy this is being released on PCs. RTS' on consoles end up having wonky controls on top of limitations in the form of crippling unit limits.
  6. Deus Ex Animus
    I'm pretty excited about this. It took me awhile but I grew to like Halo Wars; I've always loved the Halo series and story and while I agree it is likely nearing the end, it isn't dead yet. After they finish the second trilogy I think they should do a couple more prequel titles like something focusing on Harvest, or more stuff from the books. If done right, they can make it last without turning it into CoD or Battlefield. Halo has always been about the story more than the gameplay, and Bungie knew how to make that work. I have high hopes that 343 has learned from their mistakes (No more quick-time bulls***, 'kay?) and will prove that they can handle the greatest FPS series of all time~
  7. ziggyxXx
    mmmm, i love the past halo games but not to sure about this one, i will give it a chance but halo has seen its last days now imo ......
  8. 3xTiNcT
    I never really got into the first one that much but I'll probably try this one out.
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  9. Wavy
    Die hard Halo fan, but this just is not me. Never touched Halo Wars, never will.
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    2. Wavy
      I can watch what Halo Wars is about before playing it lol. I know what I do and don't like.
    3. Stonerzard
      That's like saying, I don't like the way apples look so I don't like the way they taste.
    4. Wavy
      How in the world do you think that is applicable to this situation? Lol whatever floats your boat bud.
  10. Arxhive
    Let's see how this goes. I'm actually very excited for this.