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Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Rumour


Today is certainly a big day for Halo fans. Already being blessed with the news of Halo 5 being released at some point in 2015, you’d think that would be enough news for awhile, eh? Well, you thought incorrectly my friend, as the glorious knowledge of Halo: The Master Chief Collection has surfaced to give Halo fans yet another reason to jump for joy.

Now, let’s talk about what this collection brings to the table for Halo fans. The Master Chief Collection will provide us with HD remastered versions of Halo 1 – 4 (excluding ODST and Reach) on the Xbox One. If you couldn’t tell from the title of the collection, the aim of this package is to refresh our memories (or introduce new players entirely) to the world of Halo and its suited hero, the Master Chief.

There have been rumors for some time regarding a Halo 2: Anniversary game, the question behind this has always been "will Saber Interactive be handling this one?" Saber Interactive brought us Halo CE: Anniversary which was built on the Halo Reach engine, the game was met with much disappointment from many Halo fans around the world and with Saber currently working on an unknown Xbox One project we can only assume that they will be handling these, if this proves true of course.

With this being pure speculation it does match up with what the user 'ntkrnl' leaked on NeoGaf a while back. With his leaks becoming a reality one by one will the Master Chief Collection become one too? Will the Halo games get individual releases or will they be in a Master Chief Collection? I am sure we will hear more in the coming weeks with E3 right around the corner.

How do all of you feel about this? Does the Halo series really need a refresher right now? Is this just another way for Microsoft to make a little more money? Or, perhaps, do you feel like this is a good choice on their part? Let us know how you feel in the comments below.

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