For those of you who are in the blue about what the Halo Championship Series is, I'm here to bring you up to speed. Many players of Halo: Master Chief Collection had asked 343 Industries if there were any ways to make money playing the game. There is a series that goes on that is hosted by 343 industries along with ESL and Twitch that allows players, amateur or pro, to compete in the Halo Championship Series. Previous to now, the final prize for winning the series was only $50,000, but it has since been doubled to $100,000.

While the prize for winning has been doubled for season 1, there will also be some new rules and changes added for the season 1 finals game: Up until this point in time, at the occurrence of a LAN interruption, regardless of score, the game would restart at 0-0. The new rule that has been implemented for the finals game is that the match will replay with the full time limit at an agreed upon score at the time of the interruption.

For capture the flag, slayer, and assault matches, the exact score of the game before the interruption will be taken and replayed at full time. For oddball and king of the hill, however, it will be a little bit different. The score of the game at the time of the interruption will be taken and rounded to the nearest 5, up or down.

There is a bypass to this rule however. If neither team reaches 10 seconds of ball/hill time, 5 slayer kills or one flag captured, the rule would be nullified and a full restart of the game at 0-0 full time would occur.

To get in on the action for season 2, keep an eye out. The season 2 kickoff event is on April 17-19, which will be partnered with Iron Gaming. The season 2 roadmap, updates, and prize money will be discussed in the coming weeks.

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