Halo 5 Multiplayer Will Not Have a Map Veto or Voting System

Many features common to the Halo series will not be making a return in Halo 5. After reporting that the new game will no longer support...
  1. RaoulDuke

    Many features common to the Halo series will not be making a return in Halo 5. After reporting that the new game will no longer support split-screen, the Studio Head at 343 Industries, Josh Holmes, also told a fan that there will be "no voting or veto, just straight rotation," while answering questions on Twitter.

    What does this mean for fans of the well-known Halo series? Simply put, this change will no longer allow players to fight on the same map(s) on a repetitive basis, taking away the feeling players may have had of somewhat controlling the outcome of how further matches were played. However, Josh did not mention whether this new rotation system will be randomized or set on the same group of maps like it is in Battlefield 4. This change in the map system could ultimately improve gameplay by offering more map variety, giving players the chance to experience all the landscapes available in Halo 5 instead of constantly playing on people's favorites.


    Halo 5: Guardians is set to launch on October 27th, exclusively to Xbox One. A limited edition console and controllers for the game are now available to preorder at the Microsoft Store.

    How do you feel about this change in the map system? Do you think it has the ability to change the overall gameplay of Halo? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. (-_-)
    Don't know why everyone is complaining and saying this is a complete **** game just because it doesn't have a veto system. Honestly, I like this because I won't be playing the exact same ****ing 3 maps that everyone always pick.
  2. Wavy
    So I will just have to exit the app or quit the lobby if I do not want to play the current map/mode, instead of the option to veto. In all honesty, it does not bother me too much. Hell Call of Duty does not have a veto system, so I'm used to it.
    1. televisedfool
      Call of duty has had a map veto system for a long time and BO3 has one as well.
    2. Wavy
      Call of Duty has a voting system. Pick 1 of 2 maps, or pick a random map. In some Halo's, a map would be selected, and players could choose to vote against it in favor of a new map. It's not the same.
  3. Zingzags
    This is such a f**king dumb idea its like they don't want players to look forward to this game honestly Halo isn't the same anymore.
    1. Spyro
      Why would we want to choose what maps we play on anyways like it just seems so pointless and stupid amirite
  4. Deadpool
    Battlefront seems to be the shooter for me this year...
  5. Spyro
  6. IdigModding
    WOW!! Way to ruin a great game even MORE!! F**K
  7. Defxult_
    Are people really getting pissed off about this? :rolleyes: Well I guess I can understand why because it's been one of the features in the game for a long time but...IMO...eh, I don't really care too much about it. I'm more frustrated about the no split-screen than voting for next f***ing map (lmao).
      Salus likes this.
    1. Salus
      Even so split screen should be a thing of the past, I can't remember the last time I played split screen
  8. Salus
    Crazy how this is still gonna be one of the top selling games of the series :biggrin:
      Defxult_ likes this.
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    2. Salus
      Not gonna bother replying with an essay lol
    3. Selena Gomez
      Crazy how this is still going to be a ****** game.
    4. Salus
      Cods getting ****** every year yet sales get higher and higher, there will always be a fanbase
  9. Red58
    I always found playing on the same 3 maps of any game rather tiresome. A lot of people complain when there aren't a lot of maps for a game even though everyone tries to play on the same few for each installment.
  10. Noobert
    Confirmed, not getting Halo 5.
      Zxath likes this.
    1. VJJ
      Says the one who bought the Xbox One Halo 5 Edition.
    2. Noobert
      Says the one who canceled the pre-order :wink:
    3. VJJ