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Halo 5 'Hog Wild' DLC Details Revealed


Following a bit of information released last week regarding Halo 5's newest DLC, a blog post on Halo Waypoint has now officially unveiled all of the details as to what will be included in the latest REQ Drop DLC. However, some of the bigger items that were meant to be included in this DLC needed a bit more polishing, therefore moving a great deal of content from this DLC to be released alongside the Warzone Firefight release that is scheduled to drop the end of June.

The items that will still be make their way into Halo 5 are set to make combat much more intense, while adding some flare as well. Staying true to the name, you can expect a slew of new Warthogs to be introduced such as the Rally Warthog which will feature greatly increased speed and heavy armor. But if you're looking for firepower over speed and acceleration, then the Vespin Rocket Warthog may suit you a bit better. Equipped with an advanced, high-acceleration rocket system and a faster reload time, allowing for much more destruction in a shorter period of time. Other than these two, there will also be two other Warthogs in this REQ Drop, along with the Stinger armor, Intercepter Rictus armor, and even a brand new Hybrid scope, all of which can be seen in this article's image gallery.

Spartans can expect this slew of REQs to drop this Tuesday, the 31st. To see everything coming in this latest drop, check out the spoiler below!!


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