Halo 5 Free DLC Adds Four New Maps, Big Team Battle & More

With a pretty successful launch and immense amounts of positive feedback flowing in, Halo 5: Guardians has made quite a mark throughout the Xbox...
  1. RaoulDuke
    With a pretty successful launch and immense amounts of positive feedback flowing in, Halo 5: Guardians has made quite a mark throughout the Xbox One community. Although the Orion map had to be removed due to it being riddled with bugs and glitches, it has shown that the developers are committed to keeping their game in check. To even further acknowledge this commitment, they have stayed true to their promise of post-launch support and free content by introducing us to the Battle of Shadow and Light DLC.

    What can fans of the series expect to see with this DLC? First and foremost, there are four new maps that are all inspired by maps that have been in previous Halo games. They are Deadlock, Guillotine, Basin, and Recurve, all of which you can get a small glimpse of in the spoiler below. Next up is the addition of the Big Team Battle playlist that features 16-player vehicular carnage. This will most likely turn out to be the most popular addition of this DLC for players that love large-scale warfare compared to close-quarters combat. Covertly snuck in between all this other impressive content there has also been a new assassination added in which is accurately named ‘Shove It,’ and is shown in the GIF below.

    Besides all of that content, there are also forty-eight new REQs available to unlock and use to your advantage. Some of these include new Tundra and Woodland-themed vehicle skins, Green Machine skins for five different weapons, and even ones that just may give you access to the Ultra Rare Shinobi armor and the Legendary Dying Star LightRifle. You can check out all forty-eight of the new REQs in the graphic here. The Battle of Shadow and Light DLC is now available for download on the Xbox One Marketplace, so if you haven’t gotten it already, power on your Xbox One and get into the action!



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  1. K _
    Me and my friend were literally talking about how he'd pay to get a new assassination. I'm gonna send him the link to this for sure.
  2. G4vins
  3. TehRin
    The second map i think might be remake of the halo 2 map Headlong. The first map gives me the style as Halo 3 Standoff(somewhat)
  4. TheItalianLad
    I don't seem to understand why gamers nowadays complain about DLC's. They have been around for a decade, longer in fact and we have enjoyed them. It is pretty much an addon to the game, who doesn't want that right. Now all of a sudden people just seem to hate on DLC's because aparrently they should of been in the game when it first came out and video games are not allowed to implement anything extra because that would mean they are a bad company.
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    1. JoinTheResistance
      I don't remember warcraft 3, diablo 2, half life 2, startcraft 2, mirror's edge, GTA IV, Total Overdose, Left 4 Dead, Portal, NFS Underground, NFS Underground 2, NFS Most Wanted, NFS Carbon, Call of Duty 4 and Resident Evil 4 ever having paid DLCs. Now, know that Oblivion for example has paid DLCs, but the game is huge and releasing even more content for it is costing the devs money.
    2. JoinTheResistance
      On the other hand games that demand money for power boosts (Dead Space), some stupid skins (Gears of War) and tities (The Saboteur) are just trying to make good money for doing little to no extra work.
  5. Tfsfan
    Ok people be honest with me, do these forge canvases so far seem to small to be forge maps or am I just going crazy?
  6. Pyroman
    It's free content, you guys shouldn't be complaining...
  7. NO GOD
    Still waiting on a Zanzibar comeback...
  8. Incorporated
    These maps look like they were made within a few hours in forge mode :frown:
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  9. Destiny
    They're giving players a game type that should have been in the base content? This game is more of a joke than I thought.
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  10. 3xTiNcT
    I wouldn't really call this dlc, just things that were missing from the game... It's to bad they're made from forge... At least it's free.
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