Halo 5 might be more than a year old, but Microsoft is not done supporting the shooter just yet. Developer 343 Industries will today release the Classic Helmet Req Pack, which, as its name suggests, features different helmets worn by Master Chief and others throughout Halo's history. The Classic Helmet DLC costs $10 or you can buy it with 150,000 RP. It includes nine helmets; they are not sold individually, so the bundle is your only option.

It doesn't appear to be available to buy just yet, though it should show up sometime today in Halo 5 and through the game's Req Store at Halo Waypoint. You can see all the helmets in the image above, but note that the picture is from last month when the DLC didn't have a release date. A list of helmets, including their rarity level, can be seen below.

Classic Helmet Req Pack

  • Mark V Delta (Legendary)
  • Military Police (Ultra Rare)
  • Recon Gen 1 (Ultra Rare)
  • EVA Gen 1 (Ultra Rare)
  • Security Gen 1 (Rare)
  • Operator Gen 1 (Rare)
  • EOD (Rare)
  • CQB (Rare)
  • Pilot (Rare)

While all of Halo 5's new maps and modes were free, the Classic Helmet Req Pack is not the first piece of extra content that Microsoft has charged for. In December, the company put out the Voices of War Pack ($10), which includes new announcers for the game's multiplayer mode.

Source: GameSpot