Today marks the day of the highly anticipated release Halo 4. Gamers everywhere have been running to get their copies to experience the new entry in the franchise, but sadly gamers looking forward to playing Multiplayer might have to wait a bit longer than expected. People everywhere have been experiencing issues with Infinity (Halo 4 Multiplayer) and Spartan Ops, common issues vary from, being kicked out of games, unable to connect to friends and issues finding matches. According to online statistics, there are a mere 130,000+ Players actually able to participate in online games at the very moment, this is nothing compared to Halo Reach's 1,000,000+ on Day One.​

But don't fret, 343 Industries are aware and they are on it. "As you can imagine, there are a tremendous number of new players connecting to Halo 4 right now. We’re aware that some users are experiencing occasional issues connecting to the Halo 4 services, and we are currently narrowing down possible solutions.Thank you for your patience, and we’ll continue working around the clock until all issues are resolved." Says 343iBot, an Admin on the 343 Industries Forum. Hopefully we will be able to see a fix within the next 24 hours so gamers around the world can get back to enjoying Halo 4.