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Halo 4 "Forward Unto Dawn" to Debut During Fall 2012


Fresh from the Halo pipeline, Microsoft is again investing a notable amount of time and resources into the upcoming Halo installment by releasing information concerning a web series named "Forward Unto Dawn." Although specifics are lacking, here are the broad details relating to the structure and purpose of the web series. Forward Unto Dawn will consist of five 15 minute short episodes airing over the Fall weeks before the actual release of Halo 4 set for November 6th. As done before with previous Halo games, Forward Unto Dawn primarily focuses on increasing exposure of Halo 4 whilst fueling the anticipation of which may give the upcoming Halo installment hallmark popularity.

Forward Unto Dawn's premise revolves around a green UNSC recruit who, like many others, have heard of the incredible and seemingly impossible feats achieved by Master Chief: the Chief of Legend. The young trooper's inspiration culminates to such a degree that he eventually will rise to a leadership role whilst helping tie Halo 4 to the previous Halo games and the history surrounding the Human versus Covenant War. The live action series will be friendly to people who are unfamiliar with the entire Halo franchise and tantamountly amounts to a web series that is accessible by any and all while managing to keep the story enticing enough to keep Halo veterans watching and awaiting the following episode. Forward Unto Dawn will allow the masses to learn of the origins of many aspects of the Halo universe.

As the clock ticks away towards the inevitable release of Halo 4, many speculate that Forward Unto Dawn, a live action feature which is mustering the highest amount of resources compared to past live action features funded by Microsoft, will be much more than an advertising attempt. Forward Unto Dawn may ultimately give rise to a medium which will further skyrocket the legacy of Halo: the theatre screen. Many recall the cancelled film of 2005 which was being produced by Peter Jackson and directed by Neil Blomkamp. Forward Unto Dawn could actually grab a solidifiable enough audience and attention to warrant such an endeavor that will result in a film hitting our local movie theatres. There is one thing certain though. Halo 4 will be greeted with anticipation never seen before in Halo's history, but, beforehand, Forward Unto Dawn will irrevocably assist that anticipation. Godspeed, John.
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