Welcome to ROOT, an upcoming game based around cyber espionage. Root is the product of a collaboration between Digital Tribe Games and Deep Fried Enterprises in an effort to bring gamers a unique stealth-based FPS that lets players play it however they want to. Get ready to step into the shoes of one of the world’s most experienced hackers, Edward Summerton.

As Edward, your main goal will be to take on an extremely powerful corporation by breaching their networks using your hacking skills. You will need to be prepared for the corporation's Systems Administrator and the many dangerous programs and viruses he has set for anyone who tries to take on his employers. The Admin holds complete power over the network you’re hacking, and has the absolute freedom to do whatever they wish. With the limitless resources they have over a network they crafted from the ground up, your end goal to gain total root access over the entire system may be a tad more complicated than you think.

In ROOT, your crosshair is nothing more than a simple dot. There won’t be any mainstream FPS features such as reticle bloom or accuracy cones. Wherever the dot is placed is where your shot will land, nothing more, nothing less. ROOT will also feature an intense stealth-based system where the common “crouch to appear invisible to enemies” won’t be a gameplay mechanic. Players will need to watch their steps and be as aware as possible of their surroundings in order to survive. Speaking of survival, the developers have aimed to give the game only the most satisfying of boss fights with difficult opponents. The boss fights in ROOT will be tough, end-of-level fights. Your skills will need to be at their peak in order for you to take them down.


ROOT will also sport an interactive and destructible environment where many items can be moved, shot, shattered, or picked up and thrown. The world around you will essentially be your playpen with endless amounts of toys. The visuals in ROOT will be completely adjustable to suit the user’s wishes, if you don’t like a certain color, feel free to change it to whatever you like. ROOT will also have no quick time events or long cut scenes. The developers want you to be in control of each and every action you make. In addition to all of this, your in-game companion, SHELL, will provide some comedic value to the game with its witty banter and pointless rambling. Make sure this doesn’t cause you to lose focus though. If it does, you can simply toggle the dialogue on or off.

ROOT launches on Steam November 16th for Windows PC, Mac and Linux with a 20% discount off of its $9.99 SRP.

Root Steam Page