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Hacking Group Has Linux Running on a PS4

Fail0verflow have demonstrated Linux on the PS4 (Penguins in Aeolia). They are able to boot into a functional Gentoo installation with a working...
  1. lol
    The group that was responsible for hacking the Wii U and the PS3, Fail0verflow, has given a demonstration at the CCC that shows Linux running on the PS4 (Penguins on Aeolia). Much like the previous Xbox 360 King Kong exploit demo, they did not show us how they were able to do it, just that it works.

    During the demo, they launched the user guide which then started the Gentoo boot process. Once they are in the desktop environment, they play a slide show listing off a few of the things that they have working at the moment. So far they have gotten Bluetooth, WiFi, serial ports, the HDMI encoder, and 1Gbs Ethernet to function properly. They are also working on getting 3D acceleration, HDMI audio, and USB functionality to work. However, there are still some things that need to be tested, such as Blue-Ray.

    They also mention that there are "kernel patches coming soon" and "custom bootstrap code," which could mean there will be some sort of release in the near future. They do, however, say "bring your own exploit," which likely means they don't plan on sharing all the steps needed to exploit the PS4. Although they did not confirm what console version they did this on, they did say that the PlayStation 4's security is rubbish. They then close the demo by surprising the audience with an application that was sitting on the desktop named "???", which turned out to be Pokemon.

    You can view the presentation here.

    So what are your thoughts on this? Are you exited to see what comes next? Personally I can't wait and hope to see the release soon.

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  1. punckhole
    lol. Next is Mac iOS. XD
  2. lil BLu3 SMuRF
    Nah man jtag stands for xbox homebrew only
  3. ImDuhOnlyTragik
    Really does not make any sense
  4. T H C
    This is mad cool yo. :smile:
      lol likes this.
  5. HckSquad
    Big question, how it's done if its accomplish then shouldn't we know don't keeps us waiting!!!! :woot:
      Beestenboel1977 likes this.
  6. Reform
    Sony makes the best system for hardware but when it comes to security, they still cant be as good as Xbox's
    1. Reedradar
      Erik that's debateable
    2. FatPhony
      People are still struggling on decrypting the Xbox One's NAND.
      Nothing will happen to the Xbox One anytime soon, ask Noobert
    3. Reedradar
      But security wise eh debateable.
  7. Nagato
    This is very interesting.
  8. Red58
    Did anyone else think Arnold Swartzenager was the announcer at the start of the video?
      A GUY THAT RHYMES likes this.
    1. Everydaynine_
  9. For
    Very cool announcement. I'm excited to see what comes after this and how soon we start seeing modding everywhere!
  10. Planetmaster
    Does anyone know where to download old ps4 firmwares? I bought a new ps4 for this but it's on firmware version 1.52, I need to update via usb but can't find any websites that host the old firmwares.
    1. lol
      Why do you want to update? The version hasn't been confirmed yet. Plus wouldn't an older kernel make the console more likely to be exploitable?
    2. Planetmaster
      They use the webkit to launch the exploit, the webkit exploit works on 1.76. I would assume that an older kernel would be easier to exploit, but if 1.76 is indeed the firmware then I will need to update either way.

      Edit: I have since found an archive of ps4 firmwares from 1.50 up to 3.11.