After many months behind closed doors, Sony Online Entertainment Studios will be revealing their project which has been through months of preparation. It has come as a surprise to gamers when Sony released a teaser site for the project which is being referred to as 'H1Z1', the website features a spooky theme which could hint at the motive for the new game, to view the website, click here. SOE's president John Smedley announced earlier today that gameplay and other news regarding the game will be released at 5pm PT / 8pm ET / 1am GMT.

So far there has been absolutely no news on the project, but there has been a series of theories which could suggest the possible plot for the game, I have done some research on project name 'H1Z1' and have formulated a possible outline for the game. For those who are unaware, the name 'H1Z1' sounds all too similar to a serious flu which caused a worldwide pandemic a few years ago, this was more commonly known as 'Swine Flu' or 'H1N1'. Now, linking the possible idea of an international pandemic and the spooky theme of the website for the game, it has come to my attention that SOE are possibly on the horizon of producing a type of zombie strategic game, possibly influenced by a similar flu to that of 'H1N1'. Don't be fooled by my interpretation however, I could be completely wrong and the game could be all about fluffy animals. If you're as excited as me, make sure you tune into SOE Twitter and Youtube channel at the appropriate time.

SOE's president Smedley also hinted at a possible release date for the game, through his Twitter page, Smedley wrote "You can play it yourself soon". Whether this means through a demo or perhaps the actual release, nobody knows. If you're also wondering whether the game will hit your favoured platform, well, you've probably already guessed, it is still to be unannounced! there have been rumours however stating that the game will be almost certainly released on PC and more or less on Playstation 3 & 4.

What are your thoughts on this new game? Will you be waiting in anticipation? Do you think it'll be a zombie related game? have your say below.