Gigantic is a new free-to-play MOBA from James Phinney and his team. James is an industry veteran, who has worked on games such as Guild Wars, Starcraft, and State of Decay. Gigantic has been in development for two years over at Motiga studios, an independent studio based in Bellevue, Washington.

"From the very beginning, our goal was not just to make an awesome free-to-play online game. We wanted to make the best online game, period," stated Motiga's co-founder Chris Chung, who is also an industry veteran; Chris carries with him an impressive track record, from CEO of NCSoft West to Chief Strategy Officer at Trion Worlds (RIFT.)​

Gigantic's gameplay is centered around a, well, gigantic guardian! Each team of five has one guardian who they must defend, however, this guardian is also their most important weapon. Your guardian will push back your enemies, destroy, and reshape the battlefield along the way. Ultimately, your goal will be to overpower the enemy team, push back their guardian, and when the opportunity presents itself, kill the opposing teams guardian! This is made challenging in a few different ways.

Every guardian has a unique set of abilities, so when you go in for the kill, be careful! You may not be expecting what the guardian will throw at you next! It isn't just the guardians that get to have all the fun, though. You choose which hero you want to play as, whether it be a stealthy character with a mean surprise-attack, a warrior who charges directly in to combat, or a sorcerer who weaves spells from afar. No matter who you play as, you choose how you want to play that hero. Abilities can be changed on-the-fly to surprise enemies (and maybe even teammates!)

Although a release date for Gigantic has not yet been announced, you can sign up to take part in alpha testing on the games main website ( No date has been given for the alpha test, but those who sign up will be e-mailed when they are granted access to it. Gigantic looks to be a promising game, from the developers behind it to the layout of the game itself, everything seems to fit well. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to their website, and go Gigantic!