GTA V Heist Receives Double Cash and Double RP All Week Long

Rockstar Games announced today that its famous title Grand Theft Auto V will receive x2 RP and GTA$ Payouts for the Humane Labs heist in GTA...
  1. Visio

    If you are looking to level up faster and make more money in GTA Online, now is your chance! Starting today, (July 20th) Rockstar will be doubling the RP and GTA Cash payouts for the Humane Labs heist. This event will end July 26th and will also include higher RP payouts for some activities to help players rank up faster. You will see them applied to the following activities:
    • Plane Takedown
    • Flight School
    • Destroy Vehicle Targets
    • Complete a Gang Attack
    • Deliver an Export Vehicle to Simeon
    • Parachuting
    • Deathmatch: Kill 2 Enemies Within 10 seconds, Kill an Enemy Within First 30 seconds
    • Vehicle Deathmatch: Kill 2 Enemies Within 10 seconds of Each Other, Kill an Enemy Within First 60 seconds, Get a Killstreak, Get First Kill
    Rockstar has also announced that they will be giving you extra incentive to keep going every day of the week. These additions have not yet been announced, but will include low prices on gear and Double GTA$ in Adversary Modes.


    Share any opinions you have about this event in the comment section below!

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  1. red daddy
  2. GoDx GaMeRr
    if anyone needs a spear member for heists send me an invite name is GoDx GaMeRr
  3. GoDx GaMeRr
    looking to make easy cash on gta 5 xbox 360 add me if u can help me gamertag= GoDx GaMeRr
  4. puppycheese
    The players I get paired up with always suck and commit suicide or die. Wish I had a better team!
    1. Skype
      Find people on the forums here in the GTA Section.
    2. puppycheese
      Yeah... worth a shot!
    3. William Padilla
      What console do you play on, if X360 send me a message
  5. dude84223
    Done it
    Cool Hard Cash!
  6. big blue man
    I was level 1 now level 26 :thumbsup::smile:
  7. Skype
    Time to grind some GTA. :smile:
  8. Chazay
    Of course I am out of town when this happens.
      Visio likes this.
  9. Berz3rk skills
    Is anyone hosting a gta 5 money lobby I could use some money send me a message if u are my gamertag is Berz3rk skillz
  10. TheItalianLad
    They are just trying to keep us busy for a little bit for their next huge update, smart one Rockstar.