GTA V Gets Official Release Date

  1. Dave

    Rockstar have announced that Grand Theft Auto 5 will be released on the 17th of September; almost four months after its originally intended release date!

    Rockstar have stated that, whilst they intended to release the game during the spring, they feel that knocking it back to September will play a vital part in ensuring the game is the exact way they want it. As of now, this announcement only concerns the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions; both the PC (which hasn't been 100% confirmed anyway) and Wii U versions are both still in the dark. In the light of this news though, it's safe to assume both of the latter won't be released until late 2013/early 2014 at the earliest!

    Here's the companies statement:

    If you follow Rockstar closely, you'll be well aware that they generally never miss a target when it comes to release dates; all of which usually reside within the spring. With this in mind, many fans of the franchise will begin to wonder if there's trouble in paradise, as the statement itself indicates this was not in the books for Rockstar!

    So what do you think GTA fans? Is this a "short delay" to you? Is it justifiable considering the magnitude of GTA?

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