An update planned to kick-start the economy on GTA: Online is going to be launched next week by the name of 'Stimulus Package', which consist of depositing half a million dollars to each player's bank account. This deposit will be made in 2 separate transactions, both of $250,000. The package will be available to anyone who played Grand Theft Auto Online during the month of October.

After the 1.05 update, players will receive the first GTA: O add-on, the Beach Bum Pack, followed by the Content Creator tools. Haven't read about the Beach Bum Pack? Click here for my article on this awesome add-on.

On another note, last week, players were expecting to receive an update that got delayed because of a bug Rockstar discovered. The bug affected the way in which the players saved their progress. This bug has been known since the launch of GTA: O. However, it's unknown how long the update has been set back.

Are you looking forward to your first instalment of the Stimulus Package? Will you be changing your characters appearance when the Beach Bum Pack is released? Let us know in the comments below.