Grand Theft Auto V continues to grow bigger. Rockstar today released the Smuggler's Run update, the latest major expansion for GTA Online, and it packs in quite a lot.

As the name suggests, new smuggling operations are a big part of what's new. You can launch missions out of the new, customizable hangar properties that can be purchased. These come with a free Cuban 800 plane and can house living quarters, an aircraft workshop, office, and show floor (where you can even display Pegasus vehicles you own). Nervous Ron will assist players who jump into the Free Trade Shipping Co. app in-game to launch smuggling missions.

Seven new aircraft have been added and can be customized to have better engines and handling, countermeasures, liveries, different weapons and bombs, and more. This is all done out of your hangar's aircraft workshop. A full list of the new aircraft follows at the bottom of this post. Aircraft aren't the only new vehicles, as there are now two more cars: the Vapid Retinue and Grotti Visione. A variety of new apparel and tattoo options are also for sale.

Also added is Motor Wars, an Adversary mode that mixes elements of Drop Zone and Penned In. As many as four teams parachute into a location that is constantly shrinking, and they're tasked with finding a weaponized vehicle and taking out the other teams.

Finally, the latest weekly bonuses and discounts have been launched. Logging in between now and September 4 will net you three free t-shirts. During that time, you'll also be eligible for a 25% discount on the following vehicles:

  • Anti-Aircraft Trailer
  • Karin Technical
  • HVY Insurgent Pick-Up
  • Armored Boxville
  • BF Raptor

Additionally, the Premium Race during that time is Gauntlet, with only Super-class vehicles available; this pays out big GTA$ rewards to the top three finishers, while everyone gets triple RP. The Time Trial is Casino, and it pays out significant rewards to anyone who beats out the target time.



The Smuggler's Run update is out now for all PC, PS4, and Xbox One players. More GTA V updates are still to come later this year, including holiday events and a mode that sounds a lot like the coolest part about The Crew 2.

All the New Aircraft in the Smuggler's Run Update

Descriptions provided by Rockstar

Buckingham Alpha-Z1: A speedster's dream and a smuggler's preferred getaway racer. Engine: four cylinder, fixed pitch. Wing area: 66 square feet. Top Speed: routinely fatal. Available from Elitás Travel.

LF-22 Starling: One moment you're on the runway, slowly inching into position, wondering what all the fuss is about. The next, you're 220 feet in the air and rising, a shrieking human speck on the front end of a blazing rocket trail headed straight for the stratosphere. The LF-22 Starling packs mounted rockets, optional homing missiles, and bombs for extra punch. Available from Warstock Cache & Carry.

Mammoth Tula: Remember the kid who always had a multi-tool with him? Remember how popular he was? Well, if he had survived high school, there's only one set of keys he would have in his fanny pack: the Tula is a quad-prop monster with VTOL and water-landing capabilities, space for turrets and a bomb bay, and the capacity for JATO upgrades. Be prepared. Available from Warstock Cache & Carry.

Nagasaki Havok: In the world of tactical air support, bigger is better, right? Wrong. Incredibly small and highly maneuverable, if the Havok was any smaller you'd have to stay on the ground and use a phone app to fly it. Throw the option for a machine-gun upgrade and decoy flares, and you're going into any negotiations with a serious edge. Available from Elitás Travel.

Nagasaki Ultralight: What red-blooded American hasn't gazed at an eagle as it soars through an empty sky, refined by millions of years of evolution into the epitome of aerial dexterity and lethal precision and wondered: what could be more dignified, more transcendent? Well, now you know. Available from Elitás Travel.

V-65 Molotok: The poster child for brutalist military chic, the V-65 Molotok has been reproduced in juntas and dictatorships right across the developing world, and that's not just because of the lethal efficiency of its twin nose-mounted machine guns. It's because when you look this merciless, the battle's won before you've even taken off. Available from Warstock Cache & Carry.

Western Rogue: To the casual observer, the Rogue looks like a classic, single-prop training aircraft. And that's exactly what you want them to think. Because with room for machine guns, missiles, anti-intercept countermeasures, and a full-size bomb bay, you'll have those casual observers running for any available cover. Available from Warstock Cache & Carry.

Source: GameSpot