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Rockstar's impressive continued support of Grand Theft Auto V continues today with the release of yet another update. As always, this one focuses on GTA Online and introduces a new mode and vehicle.

The new Adversary mode is one called Power Mad, which centers around teams of two to four players attempting to secure the Juggernaut suit. Teams compete to pick up the power-up, which grants them control over an armored juggernaut with a minigun. The team who picks up the power-up attempts to keep their juggernaut alive long enough to fill a meter, which scores them a point. If the juggernaut dies, the power-up is dropped and both teams again have to fight to get their hands on it. From now through the end of July, players will receive double GTA$ and RP when playing Power Mad.

That money has an additional use as of today, thanks to a new car being added. The Pegassi Torero strongly resembles a real-life Lamborghini and features scissor doors. A 25% discount on engine upgrades for all cars through the end of the month also provides the opportunity to make it even more impressive without breaking the virtual bank.

Rockstar has also announced the newest round of bonuses and discounts, which run through July 31. Research speeds are increased by 25%, the Weapon and Vehicle Workshop modules for the Mobile Operations Center are 25% off, and a wide variety of weapons (all handguns, machine guns, SMGs, assault rifles, and sniper rifles) are 25% off.

This week's Premium Race is Trench III (with a restriction to bikes only), while the Time Trial is Cypress Flats. Per the usual, the Premium Race only pays out its big GTA$ reward to finishers in the top three, but everyone gets Triple RP. The Time Trial offers significant GTA$ and RP rewards for anyone who beats the target time.

Source: GameSpot