Rockstar Games has released the latest update for Grand Theft Auto V. And although it isn't a major new expansion, there is some worthwhile new content for players to check out in Grand Theft Auto Online.

That includes a new Adversary mode called Overtime Shootout. This is a modified version of Overtime Rumble and still involves driving a vehicle down a ramp and trying to land it on a designated target. Rather than everyone doing this at the same time, however, each player has their own opportunity to do so without worrying about other players. From now through August 14, the mode will pay out double RP and GTA$.



Also new in this update is the HVY Nightshark vehicle. This is a version of the existing Nightshark that features even more armor (now resembling the Kuruma) and--most importantly--a pair of front-facing machine guns. While this may not have the flexibility of a gun mounted on top of the vehicle, this may be a safer, more convenient option for those wanting to unleash some havoc with their vehicle.

In terms of discounts, the Mobile Operations Center is 25%, as is the Vehicle Workshop and renovations for the MOC. Weaponized vehicles can be customized for 25% off, too, while all new Mk 11 ammo and the Dewbauchee Vagner enjoy the same discount. As for bonuses, salaries for bodyguards and associates are doubled. All of this applies for now through August 14.

Finally, this week's Premium Race is Mountain Drop, with bikes as the only vehicle option, and the Time Trial is Maze Bank Arena. Premium Races pay out triple RP to everyone and big GTA$ rewards to those who finish in the top three, while the Time Trial offers GTA$ and RP rewards for those who beat the target time.

Take-Two announced recently that GTA Online continues to impress. Despite its age, June and July saw new all-time records for monthly active users, and the company has said it's committed to delivering more updates. Take-Two also claims it isn't worried about the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 hurting GTA Online.

Source: GameSpot