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GTA 5 Online's Next Big Update Is Out

The next major update for Grand Theft Auto Online is out now. The update, Gunrunning, lets you become a "prolific arms dealer" and extend your web...
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    The next major update for Grand Theft Auto Online is out now. The update, Gunrunning, lets you become a "prolific arms dealer" and extend your web of corruption and infamy further. You start off in Gunrunning by acquiring a Bunker, which serves as your base of operations for everything you do related to arms-dealing. Your bunker is outfitted with a computer terminal that you can use to help advance your endeavours. You can add a shooting range to your bunker (with support for up to three other players), personal quarters, and a gun locker.

    "Start a Setup mission as a CEO, MC President or a VIP to source supplies, then assign your employees to manufacturing weapons, researching upgrades or split their time between the two," reads a line from Rockstar's announcement. "Your stock will grow over time (and more quickly with Staff upgrades) and when ready, reap the profits from your business by moving your merchandise to interested buyers across Los Santos and Blaine County."

    Rockstar made some changes to VIP status with the update, dropping the require Maze Bank balance to $50,000.

    A handful of new, weaponized cars come to GTA Online with the Gunrunning update. These include the APC, Dune FAV, Half-Track, Oppressor, Weaponized Tampa, Anti-Aircraft Trailer. Of note, the Oppressor is a motorcycle that flies--really.

    "This rocket-powered hyperbike offers all your principles of flight in one package; thrust, extendable wings for lift and drag, and a front-mounted machine gun for good, clean fun," Rockstar said. "Poor aim? Upgrade the machine gun to Missiles."

    Gunrunning also adds more MK II weapons upgrades and new clothing, tattoos, and haircuts. You can see the full patch notes for the update right here.

    Source: GameSpot

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