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GTA 5 Online Revives Classic Top-Down Camera For A New Mode

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    As promised, Grand Theft Auto V is going old-school with a new mode in GTA Online. Before it shifted to a traditional third-person perspective and became one of the biggest franchises in gaming, Grand Theft Auto featured a top-down camera view. Rockstar is bringing that back with Tiny Racers, a new take on the game's stunt races that forces an overhead perspective a la GTA and GTA 2.

    While we wait for that, Rockstar is offering one-day bonuses in GTA Online to mark today's 4/20 date. Today only, weed farm business and business upgrades are 50% off, and profits derived from weed sales will net 50% more money. Additionally, if you head over to LS Customs, the green tire smoke upgrade can be purchased for half price.

    Source: GameSpot

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  1. Rui Pedro
    i need monny in gta 5 and my name is YveN add mi plz
  2. theolh03
    i need monny in gta 5 online my name is theolh03
  3. Quincy Crow
    that's very cool I hope u can help me out about that if u don't mind......thx (:
  4. kidrock521
    Nice update. I hope that the buissness update comes to ps3 and Xbox 360 soon. :|
    1. Omemer
      Sadly, they stopped their updates on Old Gen a while ago. Last effective update they've done is the patch 1.29, on November 17 2015. They also announced they would not support any future updates on it, since the old consoles such as PS3 and xBox 360 are judged ''Not powerful enough'' for all the upcoming content offered on Next Gen.

      Sorry for breaking your dreams, but you got answered at least.
  5. Skepta
    Hopefully this lives up to some expectations.