GTA 5 Online Revives Classic Top-Down Camera For A New Mode

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    As promised, Grand Theft Auto V is going old-school with a new mode in GTA Online. Before it shifted to a traditional third-person perspective and became one of the biggest franchises in gaming, Grand Theft Auto featured a top-down camera view. Rockstar is bringing that back with Tiny Racers, a new take on the game's stunt races that forces an overhead perspective a la GTA and GTA 2.

    While we wait for that, Rockstar is offering one-day bonuses in GTA Online to mark today's 4/20 date. Today only, weed farm business and business upgrades are 50% off, and profits derived from weed sales will net 50% more money. Additionally, if you head over to LS Customs, the green tire smoke upgrade can be purchased for half price.

    Source: GameSpot

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