GTA 5 Adds More New Vehicles, Launches Another Bonus Event Today

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    Following the recent launch of Grand Theft Auto V's Bikers update, Rockstar is adding more new content to GTA Online today and kicking off the latest bonus event.

    Last week's update introduced 13 new vehicles to the game. Two more join those today: the Daemon Custom motorcycle and the Raptor, a three-wheeled monstrosity. You can see these in the gallery below, alongside the black Western Logo Hoodie item you can receive for free by logging into GTA Online between now and October 24.

    That freebie comes as part of a longer-than-usual bonus event that's now underway. The new Slipstream Adversary mode offers double RP and in-game money through October 24, and you'll receive 50 percent discounts on Lester and Merryweather services. Additionally, there are 25 percent discounts on bullet ammo, body armor, tints, and customization options at Los Santos Customs (including resprays, tire smokes, rims, and turbos).

    Rockstar also announced the Premium Races that will be available over the next two weeks. Up first is Forest (pictured in the gallery above), which is a non-contact bike race that runs from now through October 17. From October 18-24, Double Loop will take its place and can only be played using supercars. In both cases, you can earn large amounts of money by finishing in the top three positions. Everyone who participates receives triple RP.

    Finally, as of today players can purchase a sixth property, which Rockstar describes as a "much-requested" feature.

    Source: GameSpot

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  1. azyren
    Do anyone have a modded account for ps4.
  2. Itachi_Uchiha
    GTA 5 continues to be my least favorite Grand Theft Auto, Grand theft auto games had always had amazing single player content. Now it's solely multiplayer only content, they even gate the content to multiplayer.
  3. Thephoenix9811
    ANOTHER bike?? Hope it runs on unicorn juice and fires rainbows because the biker DLC added a cubic ****ton of bikes that were mostly quite similar and nothing exciting... Hyped for a trike-car and 6th property though!!
  4. Andy Mac
  5. Ollieos
    Love the fact that Rockstar is still pumping out these dlcs for the people that still play the game.
  6. Andy Mac
    Does anyone know how I can use one of my other bikes on the premium race 'forest' instead of the 'fagio' scooter? Plz
  7. UnwiseBuckle400
    Rockstar, back at it again????
  8. D1ZZUL
    6th property f*** yeah!
  9. televisedfool
    GTA V is still dominating 3 years after release.

    Mighty impressive. :thumbsup:
  10. DaddyGx
    The biker update just seems like a better version of the CEO update. Is R* just trying to waste people's modded money by bringing things out to buy that won't be used the update after that? I need to get into some modded lobbies and re-up $$$
    1. Shalour
      Its sad when you have to make your fanbase resort to cheating to buy things in your dlc lol.