Grand Theft Auto Online, the online mode for GTA V, has turned into a sprawling mix of activities--some more legal than others--and Rockstar has announced one more vice that you can live out in the game soon: casino gambling.

A tweet from Rockstar teased "a luxury casino in the heart of Vinewood." It also showed some stylized neon lights to evoke the casino look but was otherwise short on details.

GTA Online updates come frequently and when something is announced it tends to follow in the game shortly after. Rockstar has not announced release plans for its casino or how exactly it will operate.

The online mode is technically a part of Grand Theft Auto V, the latest in the action crime series from Rockstar. It has grown far beyond its original incarnations, though, and is largely responsible for GTA V continues to sell incredibly well even six years after launch.

Recently Rockstar was on a confirmed list of developers for Google Stadia, but it was one of only a handful of studios named without specific games attached. GTA V with GTA Online would be one possibility since it already has a successful PC version up and running.

Source: GameSpot