Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is Now Available in the App Store

Gaming giant Rockstar has recently added Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories to the App Store, much to the delight of the ever-growing mobile...
By Night · Dec 19, 2015 · Updated Dec 19, 2015
  1. Night
    Liberty City. It's a dark, gritty place with a vast underground filled to the brim with crime and debauchery. With a large network of crime families and an even larger police force, it'll take everything you have to keep in the good graces of the mob and make sure you don't end up in a cell. Join protagonist Antonio "Toni" Cipriani as he becomes an international fugitive and begins to rebuild his life.

    As most Grand Theft Auto fans know, this isn't the first time we've seen this game. It came out for the PlayStation Portable ten years ago, but two days ago it was added to the App Store, to the delight of iPad and iPhone owners everywhere. This isn't the first time the App Store has seen a Grand Theft Auto title, either. Rockstar has been quite generous when it comes to porting their popular games for other platforms. In fact, Liberty City Stories will be the fourth GTA title on the App Store to date.

    Luckily for those who have already played the game, it remains mostly unchanged. The vast majority of changes are just tweaks that allow the game to run better on a mobile touch-screen device. They did give it a graphical makeover, however, adding "upgraded textures and art, greater draw distance, performance enhancements for touch-based gaming including updated analog steering and rebalanced targeting."

    Unfortunately, the game is only available for Apple users at the moment, but Rockstar has said that it will be coming soon to Android and Windows phone users. So all you iPhone and iPad owners be sure to pick this up, at only 6.99$ it's quite easy on the wallet as well.


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  1. 3xTiNcT
    Wish I knew the price, I'll just have to check it out later.
    1. Night
      It's 6.99$ and its in the snippet.
    2. Night
      But I just added it to the body.
    3. 3xTiNcT
      Ahh thanks, missed the snippet, I usually just go straight to reading the article. That's not that bad for the price.
    My galaxy s6 would smash this also i love modding gta on android.........

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      I would rather go with "apple pays for exclusivity"haha makes sense that developing for android should be finished first
    3. Night
      Not really lol, Apples App Store is larger and they probably make more revenue off the other GTA titles from Apple owners, so it would make sense to go where the money is first. Besides, it's not Apple exclusive.
      I know i play it on ppsspp emulator <3 android
  3. televisedfool
    Love it :biggrin: Hopefully it doesn't take too long to get onto android.:notworthy:
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    1. Night
      That'll all depend on Rockstars definition of the word "soon" :wink:
    2. Razor sean
      Remember when Rockstar said Heists coming 'soon' yeah that's how long it will take.
    3. Night
      ^ makes me wish I could like article comment replies lol.
  4. Night
    Credit goes to Jacob Frye for the topic suggestion! Keep them coming!
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    1. Jacob Frye
      Oops just noticed. :biggrin: