Grand Theft Auto 4 now backward compatible

Head on back to Liberty City because Grand Theft Auto 4 is the latest classic Xbox 360 to become backward compatible with Xbox One. Originally...
  1. Allegra Frank
    Head on back to Liberty City because Grand Theft Auto 4 is the latest classic Xbox 360 to become backward compatible with Xbox One. Originally released in 2008, the universally acclaimed open-world action game is now playable on modern hardware.

    Both Grand Theft Auto 4 and Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, which contains its two expansion packs, are now playable on Xbox One. That includes all versions of the main game, including the Complete Edition. Owners of the original Xbox 360 discs can use those, or they can purchase digital copies from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

    Grand Theft Auto 4 joins Grand Theft Auto 5 as one of the mainline entries in the long-running series available on Xbox One. Both are among the most widely beloved titles in the series, with GTA5 in particular continuing to perform well at retail.

    In a recent earnings call, Take Two Interactive — the parent company of Rockstar Games, which develops the Grand Theft Auto series — announced that it had shipped more than 75 million copies of Grand Theft Auto 5. That puts it high among the list of gaming’s all-time biggest sellers.

    GTA4 was also a huge seller even amid controversy due to its violent content and use of alcohol. The base game alone has sold more than 25 million copies.

    Source: Polygon

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  1. Kayla Fox
    I am quite surprised they actually added backwards compatibility to Xbox One. Maybe it'll do them good as they haven't really been thriving since the One's release. It's good they added it though. Many fans can play games from the past without having to buy the specific console it was on. GTA 4 is really the only GTA I like and will ever like. :thumbsup:
  2. Im Chaos Huh
    modding will be fun on gta 4 again yaaay!
  3. JONNY0
    Nice but my main disk is all scratched up, the Xbox wanted to chew it up one day.
    1. Harmonic
      It downloads the game from online, it doesn't install it from the disk. As long as it recognises what game the disk is you should be fine.
  4. Salus
  5. Keeley Hazell
    Littttttt boiz
  6. Harmonic
    Never thought this would have become backwards compatible, now just the wait for Black Ops 2, should be here at the end of the month!
    1. Keeley Hazell
      Where did you hear that? I'd love to play Bo2 over the piece of **** they call Modern Warfare Remastered.. I've been playing WaW but there's not enough ppl / too many modders
    2. Harmonic
      I contacted Xbox support last week and they told me it was coming out late Feb/early March.
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    3. Keeley Hazell
      Hopefully they weren't bullshitting that'd be sweet. Seems like they're actually adding good games for backwards compatibility these days.
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  7. WWE
    OH MY!!!!!!!!!!