Gran Turismo Sport: Coming to PS4 in 2016

The next Gran Turismo is finally here. At the Paris Games Week PlayStation Press Conference, Kazunori Yamauchi, along with SCEE CEO & President...
By God · Oct 27, 2015 · Updated Oct 27, 2015
  1. God

    The next Gran Turismo is finally here. At the Paris Games Week PlayStation Press Conference, Kazunori Yamauchi, along with SCEE CEO & President Jim Ryan, unveiled the latest addition to the Gran Turismo series: Gran Turismo Sport. Gran Turismo Sport will utilize the power of the PS4 to ensure it has the best graphics, physics and sound as possible. Polyphony Digital aim to ensure this will be the most realistic driving simulator to date. They want to bring new life to the racing genre, and deliver a revolution in the way that people experience driving games.

    In Gran Turismo Sport, there will be two FIA online championships running simultaneously. The first online championship is called the Nations Cup. In this championship, players will be able represent their home country. In the Manufacturers Cup, players will be able to represent their favorite car manufacturer. Players won't be limited to racing as the driver themselves, but they'll be able to root for their home country, or their favorite manufacturers.

    The winners of either championships, will be awarded in the same manner as real life motorsports champions. The winners will be given real-life prizes at the FIA prize giving ceremony. This will be one of the first times in history, where a video game will officially be recognized as part of the real motoring world.

    Polyphony Digital will be working alongside FIA to help deliver the realistic and authentic racing feel their games are known for. Gran Turismo Sport also aims to bring online racing championships that will offer players a brand new racing experience. Polyphony will be releasing a beta for the game as well, which will be released in Spring 2016. Are you ready for the next-generation of racing?

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  1. Froudey
    Unless this GT7 renamed game blows people out of the water it will be the last game of GT I'd say, last two were mediocre at best.
    1. televisedfool
      GT 5 was a great game, GT 6 was an improved 5.

      GT Sport is already looking absolutely stunning, and Polyphony is looking to include PSVR into it which will launch it to a whole different level.
    2. Red58
      I wish they had started adding more races in GT6 (aside from those online ones) because I ran out within the first couple months. Once I had finished the S class and acquired all but one star in the game, I didn't know what else to do. I never did platinum the game, im like 200 miles away from it but never cared enough to finish.
    3. Froudey
      Red58 yeah me and my mates played GT5 til sometime 3 to 4 in the moring, always had a full lobby, did things like 60 laps of nurburg, 500 daytona, GT6 came out and only 4 or 5 out of the 16 nightly players brought it and the we stopped playing it, I have like 38 mil in credits all the cars and nothing else to do,
  2. Red58
    Been playing since the original, but it looks like I may not be able to play this one because I don't have a new PlayStation. If I'm lucky my friend will pick up a copy.
  3. televisedfool
    So much win! Been waiting for this for a long time.
  4. Feyfolken
    That's an interesting idea, it definitely adds more community involvement to racing games. Hopefully, enough people still play racing games for this idea to really kick off.
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