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Google's Driverless Car; Coming in the near Future?

Technology nowadays can take us to places where we have never been before. Time, as well as a whole lot of patience, can get society very far. For Google, it's just another day at the office when it comes to making the worlds first ever "driver-less car". Since late 2009, Google has been working behind the scenes, trying to take our imaginations and turn them into reality. We've all pictured hover cars, Utopia's, and a land full of peace and integrity. Google decided, that instead of hover cars, a drive-less car would be much more beneficial. With this type of technology in mind, it could be a big possibility that automated public transportation systems, such as buses, aren't that far away from becoming a reality.

Imagine driving to work one day, looking over, and seeing the driver asleep at the wheel! Normally, this would cause accidents, as well as deaths, but Google could reduce those numbers with these cars on the road. With that being said, this may become a parents first choice when buying a car for their daughters sixteenth birthday, or a sons graduation ceremony. According to Google, "Most of its movements are smooth and predictable, with little room for error." A USA Today spokesperson actually had the honor of sitting in the passenger side while a Google representative ran the wheel, and they enjoyed every minute. According to USA today, "The front seat passenger, also a Google-employed test driver, monitored a laptop that streamed a basic image of our drive. Cars were identified as large outlined boxes in motion. Pedestrians were smaller boxes. Traffic lights and signs appeared as themselves." Being able to identify these crucial items on the street makes it really easy for the self-automated car to navigate streets, stop signs, and even avoid potholes.

Now, it goes without saying this is every petrolsexual's nightmare. Not only is it fully automated, it's also completely electric. I have never driven a car personally, but driving this car wouldn't be as much fun as you think. If you've ever ridden in a car with your grandparents driving, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Right at the speed limit, slow and boring drive on the way to church or preschool. With the entire map of USA completely in the cars system, it knows where every stop sign, stop light, and turn there is on every road, back-roads, and even interstate exits. GPS's are now a thing of the past, and Google is making sure of it.

There is no set price yet, as Google is still working out all of the bugs with the car, but I imagine it won't be a cheap buy by any means. With all of this technology and wires, it can only be imagined what's inside the body kit of these cars, and how long it would take to charge such a beast. Google is still working out some things, but we could be seeing this car as of early 2015. But, with a car like this, safety is also another major concern that has people on the edge. Don't sweat it, though. According to Google, "We are all about safety. We realize that everything we do is about upholding the reputation of this technology."

My question that I will leave you all today with is this;

Could/Will you be paying for a car similar to this within the next five, ten years down the road?

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