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Google Removing Forced Google+ Integration

Four years ago, Google+ was created to compete against social networks, such as Facebook. It had a great start, garnering ten million users just in the Beta stages. Unfortunately, it’s glory didn’t last long and many people lost interest rather quickly. Due to the lack of interest, Google has been forcing Google+ onto the users of its other services, such as YouTube. Today, they finally announced that they plan to stop all the Google+ integration.

It seems that Google has finally realized what Google+ really is. It’s clear that it doesn’t stand a chance against giants like Facebook and Twitter. It does however, allow users to share content from the other very popular Google services, like YouTube. Google still wants sharing and social networking to be an option, but they don’t want it to be a requirement.

This change of mind starts with YouTube. They have decided to remove all the Google+ integration from the comment section of videos. This decision greatly improves the rating system of comments, and it has allegedly decreased comment dislikes by 35%.

In the future, Google plans on completely separating their applications. They want to turn Google+ reliant services into standalone apps. For instance, they are starting to separate Google Photos and plan to make it so a Google+ account isn’t needed for YouTube. Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a timetable other than “in the coming months.”
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