Google Play Games Receiving Recording Feature Update

With the introduction of "on-device live streaming" in the YouTube Gaming mobile application, Google has proved that they want to get more...
  1. Inkd
    It's quite clear that Google is taking a step in the right direction in regards to mobile and online gaming. Earlier in the year, Google launched their streaming service, YouTube Gaming, and while it still does not compete with other streaming services such as Twitch, it still receives a decent amount of traffic everyday. Also, with the introduction of "on-device live streaming" in the YouTube Gaming mobile application, Google has proved that they want to get more involved with mobile gaming.

    Just a few hours ago, Google had announced that they will be allowing every Android user the ability to record gameplay directly from their phone and or tablet. According to IGN: as of today, an update to Google Play Games will allow Android users to capture and upload game play directly from their device to the internet. This feature seems to be comparable to the recording app used by the Xbox One.

    From the Google Play Games app, players can select a game and tap on the record button to start capturing video. You can also use your front-facing camera and mic to capture your reactions in a picture-in-picture view. Gameplay can be captured either in 720p or 480p. Unfortunately, 1080p resolution will not be supported, however, it helps captured video from taking up too much of your device’s storage. In addition to this, as soon as you're finished recording gameplay, Google Play Games will upload the video directly to YouTube. If you want to do some minor tweaking to your footage, Google has added some simple editing features such as giving you the ability to trim your clip, or, you can even save the video file for later.

    Google Play Games will be receiving the update later today in both the United States and United Kingdom. Remember Apple fans, this update is exclusively coming to Android phones and tablets, although, don't get discouraged yet. Google is attempting to bring its recording feature to Apple products.

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  1. Arxhive
    And yet I still can't minimize the YouTube app so the music plays in the background. GG.
      if your phone is rooted you can use one app to fix that, i did it myself.
    2. SSL
      Ye just root, easy.
  2. Stonerzard
    I doubt I'd utilise this at all, but it's glad to see something like this. I can see some further Twitch/Ustream integration later on, just because I wouldn't use this doesn't mean I can't benefit from it at all.
  3. Crooks
    Let's get Se7enSins to live stream Crazy Seahorses with a facecam
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    1. Feyfolken
      Let's not stop there. Let's officially sponsor Crazy Seahorses as the official game of Se7enSins. We'll dedicate a stream and a team on staff to play Crazy Seahorses 24 hours a day.
    2. Crooks
  4. X Delta X
    I won't be using this but it seems like a really great feature for people to get out different hints and strategies out all from your phone.
  5. Feyfolken
    This is really neat. I've seen a lot of YouTubers switch over to YouTube Gaming simply because it's easier for their viewers to know when a stream is up. Knowing Google, though, I wouldn't be surprised to see them completely take over streaming as a whole.
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