Google and Apple... A Gaming Console?
Yes, as you may have known from a previous article, Google is working on a Android based gaming console. Also, in other news, Apple is working on something similar to a gaming console.
Lewis Ward, Manger at IDC gaming commented on this rumor and stated, "the game industry better hope people grow a third arm or there are too many screens to deal with."

The Question

Google and Apple are already in the gaming industry, the thing is their gaming is on phones, such as Google's Android powered smartphones and Apple's iOS iPhone's. So, why is it so surprising that they are going into the console market? Well, Apple and Google have already made set top boxes such as Apple TV, and Google has a few failed products that they attempted to launch in the same category.

What's the issue?

The issue is that there are too many gaming consoles coming out. The Wii U is becoming a burden on Nintendo due to reduction in sales, and now there are two main new consoles coming out: The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. There should be really only be two or three consoles and not four or five. So, Google and Apple should work on something new, something better and something never before seen.

On the flip side, a large number of gaming consoles can provide game makers to create new types of games and introduce new technology to small publishers of indie games.

"We saw a lot of game developers get laid off, but those people did not leave the gaming industry. We now have more gaming developers than ever," said Wanda Meloni. She also added "and having more platforms gives them more power and more choice for systems to develop for, while also giving them more options for the gamer. As such, it is better for the consumer as well."

The Apple Question

"The Apple game console is still a much bigger question mark," said Ward. "Google is likely to get in the living room experience -- it was going to launch a living room device, and they've made some strong moves before, but this one is for real."

"Now the question is how Apple will respond," he added. Apple may have actually been planning such an effort "for a while" suggested M2's Meloni.
"Google may have been a response to Apple." Apple once had a huge evangelical gaming program inside the company," she noted. "However, in the grand scheme of things, games haven't been important to Apple."

Meloni added that recently, however, "Apple sees this as this cash cow that they haven't put a lot of focus on, and for Google it is a good opportunity to get in there now while Android is doing well."

The Console War

A few weeks ago, everyone was looking at and focusing on Sony and Microsoft. But soon to come everyone will be looking at a variety of consoles, such as the potential Apple and Android systems since they will be new to the console community.

"From a hardware standpoint it is going to be messy," Sappington predicted. "There are multiple devices out there, and that is going to be confusing for all involved."

"It is possible that Google can capture casual gamers the same way that game-console makers capture the hardcore gamers," he added.

Google, however, is interested in "free-to-play models, and business models that could be useful for a streaming media box like a Roku, where gaming isn't the primary function," Sappington said. He continued with, "For Google or Apple to actually go toe-to-toe with Sony and Microsoft would be very difficult."

The Verdict

Some believe Microsoft and Sony should continue to do what they do best and be the only companies that make gaming consoles. People may be wrong about that, and Apple/Android should be given a chance and to see what they've got. But war is going to be coming to the console community, and it is not going to be good.Too many consoles is not going to be great and might cause additional disputes in console gaming. PC gaming is the best choice to go with as of now, due to every company trying to make a gaming console and the PC staying relatively the same. It is only a matter of time until we see who is left standing in the console war.